Getting To Know Him


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From 1987, when Rhonda Paisley (top) hosted an episode of RTÉ’s chat show Saturday Live.

Most recordings have been destroyed as part of the Good Friday Agreement.

Guests included Brendan Grace, Rhonda’s then partner Sammy Wilson, and her father a pre-cuddly Reverend Ian Paisley (bottom).

Sammy’s deathless anecdotes (15:00, 25:00 and 57:00) and Brendan impersonating the Big Man (54:30) do nothing to relieve the unremitting weirdness.

Good times.

Watch in full here.

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14 thoughts on “Getting To Know Him

  1. Scrotide

    Chaps with respect, whatever you think if her and her presenting talents this is a woman who lost her father today.

    Perhaps you could snigger at her another day instead?

  2. Stephen

    “Most recordings have been destroyed as part of the Good Friday Agreement”

    Is there any more information about this? Forgive my ignorance but why would recordings be destroyed because of the Good Friday Agreement?

    1. Kieran NYC

      As part of the same agreement, the cast of Give My Head Peace were given ‘on-the-run’ letters so they could never be prosecuted for crimes against comedy.

      We’ve paid a high price for peace, to be sure.

  3. DizzyDoris

    I really liked Ian. I loved the way that when he changed his mind the world just seemed to say ‘ok yes | that’s fine | we’re mistaken’. Build a church. Nice.

  4. FM Luder

    Seriously? Any of you actually lived there? Typical crap you’d expect from the south. Regardless of his initial ideology, IP worked with his former enemies to help create a feasible political system that served the people of NI, not enslaved them to class or religious lines. Region is better for it.

  5. John

    What a horrible little country Ireland is. At this time, Sinn Fein was completely banned from appearing in Irish media. But RTE were more than happy to allow Ian Paisley and Sammy Wilson prime time slots on a Saturday night. Two years previously, Ian Paisley was telling 200,000 of his fellow unionists that the Republic was a terrorist state that would never, never, never be given a say in Northern Ireland.

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