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This afternoon.

Francist Street, Dublin 8.

A bagpiper leads the way as huge crowds wait as the coffin of comedian Brendan Grace arrives at the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra, Francis Street in The Liberties.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


Brendan Grace as ‘Bottler’ at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in 2001


Irish comedian Brendan Grace has died (RTÉ)



Noel Whelan with Elaine Bedford during a press conference for Together for Yes  during the Eighth Amendment referedum campaign last year

Barrister and political commentator Noel Whelan dies aged 50 (RTÉ)


rhondasammy brendian

From 1987, when Rhonda Paisley (top) hosted an episode of RTÉ’s chat show Saturday Live.

Most recordings have been destroyed as part of the Good Friday Agreement.

Guests included Brendan Grace, Rhonda’s then partner Sammy Wilson, and her father a pre-cuddly Reverend Ian Paisley (bottom).

Sammy’s deathless anecdotes (15:00, 25:00 and 57:00) and Brendan impersonating the Big Man (54:30) do nothing to relieve the unremitting weirdness.

Good times.

Watch in full here.

bottlerYour turn

From TV3’s Autumn/Winter schedule:

Bottler is an animation and live-action production set in 1960’s Dublin. Brendan Grace’s young Bottler character and his friends get involved in various adventures, some of which are closely tied to real historical events of the time. In this series of different stories told through the eyes of Bottler, viewers will be introduced to (or reacquainted with) famous Dublin characters of the time such as the rag & Bone man and Bang Bang. these stories expand upon Bottler’s world, show aspects of working class family life in dublin and the rich culture of the city from times past.


TV3 Autumn Winter Schedule 2013/14 (TV3)

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