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A statement (above) released by DUP East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson (top) this morning.

It follows Taoiseach Leo Varadkar producing a 1972 copy of the Irish Times which included a picture of an IRA bomb attack on the Newry Customs Office, at a dinner with EU leaders in Brussels on Wednesday.

Nine people died and six people were injured in the attack on August 22.

Sammy Wilson hits out at ‘vile Varadkar’ over ‘despicable, low and rotten’ border violence claim (Belfast Telegraph)

Pics: News Letter and Sam McBride

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From top: Former Northern Ireland Finance Minister Sammy Wilson and his pick for Nama’s Northern Ireland Advisory Committee, Frank Cushnahan

You may recall Nama’s sale of its northern Ireland property portfolio Project Eagle to US investment firm, Cerebrus.

A report by the Comptroller and Auditor General is expected to be published tomorrow and it has been reported that it has found the portfolio may have been undersold to the tune of hundreds of millions because of “shortcomings” and “irregularities” in the sale.

Last week’s BBC Northern Ireland Spotlight programme broadcast a secret audio recording of Frank Cushnahan, then a member of Nama’s Northern Ireland Advisory Committee, receiving £40,000 – in bundles of two – from property developer John Miskelly.

Readers may recall that, in 2009, Mr Cushnahan was chosen to sit on Nama’s Northern Ireland Advisory Committee by former Northern Ireland’s Finance Minister, from 2009 to 2013, Sammy Wilson.

Further to this, Allison Morris, in the Irish News, reports:

Former finance minister Sammy Wilson said he has “no intention” of watching a BBC Spotlight investigation that aired secret recordings of a man he recommended for the Nama advisory committee taking £40,000 in cash from a property developer.

Mr Wilson was on holiday when the programme aired last week, when allegations of corruption were made against his close friend Frank Cushnahan.

However, speaking to the Irish News on Monday, he said: “I haven’t and I’ve no intention of watching anything Spotlight produce, I think they’re a bunch of biased bigots”.

Sammy Wilson calls BBC ‘biased bigots’ in Nama scandal fallout (The Irish News)

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Very Cushy To Be Frank

Pic: Irish News

rhondasammy brendian

From 1987, when Rhonda Paisley (top) hosted an episode of RTÉ’s chat show Saturday Live.

Most recordings have been destroyed as part of the Good Friday Agreement.

Guests included Brendan Grace, Rhonda’s then partner Sammy Wilson, and her father a pre-cuddly Reverend Ian Paisley (bottom).

Sammy’s deathless anecdotes (15:00, 25:00 and 57:00) and Brendan impersonating the Big Man (54:30) do nothing to relieve the unremitting weirdness.

Good times.

Watch in full here.