Cool Heads Required




Is your head cool?

Photographer John Murray writes:

“I’m offering a free headshot session [worth €595] in Dublin this week to the person with the Coolest head. Closing Date for this is Thursday. Simply email with your best photo. Winner will be announced on on my Twitter @jmphotodub. The shoot will take place this week.”

*reverses baseball cap, takes selfie*

Pic: John Murray

Thanks Spaghetti Hoop

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36 thoughts on “Cool Heads Required

  1. thecitizen

    from the website:

    “Over 800,000,000 billion digital photos will be uploaded this year – how will yours stand out?”

    over 3 a second for every human on the planet for an entire year. wowser… Imagine if they all cost €595 each

  2. TrollSlayer

    I find it remarkable how Irish people will begrudge any Irish person who appears to be doing slightly better than they are.
    Some so lazy as to sign into a website to troll using their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, others so filled with anger and self loathing they have to hide behind the cloak of anonymity the internet provides.

    I do se the difficulty some of you will have with justifying a spend of €595 for a set of photographs,
    For actors and Models, Headshots are the first thing a casting director sees. This is something they use to decide if the actor or model fits the image of the character they wish for them to play.

    Professionals and anyone going for a Job. Don’t be fooled by the anonymity you feel hiding behind your screen. It doesn’t take a huge amount for a HR manager or potential employer to research the people they are about to interview. Fact is, most admit to searching Facebook, Twitter and Linkedn to see who they will be interviewing. All it takes is a name, an email address, or phone number. What does your profile picture and online presence say about you? Lets see shall we.

    Clampers Outside.
    Someone who logs into broadsheet from a predominantly inactive 4 year old twitter account, 4.1 tweets per month over 55 months.
    Predominantly retweets and shared posts from Broadsheet and the journal.

    Post from August 2010, 6 Months after starting page, Claiming the page will be active soon. Still hasn’t happened. World champion procrastinator, or too busy riding his couch into battle weilding keyboard and william wallace style war paint.

    Rob Hunt,
    300euro for a basic wedding package, Not in Ireland. Average minimum cost of professional wedding package 1500euro. for 300euro you get some goon willing to work the 14 hours it takes to shoot the wedding for 20euro an hour with no post production. Average wedding takes over 70 hours to plan, shoot and edit. 4.30per hour… which is 171 for 40 hours. less than social welfare for a weeks work **Source Irish Weddings Online***

    AhJayzis. (Conor Sweeney)

    Self confessed current affairs bitch, although this doesn’t really fit into the current affairs category.

    Complete absence of financial sense. 595euro less VAT of 13.5% = 514.68euro

    514.68/ 3hrs /4 (hair, Makeup, Photographer/ assistant) =42.89 not including retoucher should one be needed.
    This is Gross charge without rent and rates for studio, Electricity, insurance, VAT and free refreshments supplied to client in studio. This is also not including post production time of approx 1 hour from photographer who has to cull images with client and select the final image draft, create contact sheet.

    Other business eg. Barber anywhere from >15euro for 10mins work x 6 = 90euro Per hour.

    Which averages out at less than 1/2 per person Per hour than a barber.

    Eamonn Clancy:
    Absence of anything clever to say so goes for a shitting joke.
    As for photographs, Nothing says classy or professional than a semi naked fat bloke posing on a sun lounger with not 1, not 2 but 5 half empty bottles of Corona. Wish we could all live a life scratching our balls commenting on everything they post on and Broadsheet. #livinthedream #gangstertothemax #50centbetrippinonyou

    Read above for price justification.
    il wait 40 minutes between your posts for them to stew while you think of moderately clever things to say. You will notice head and shoulders are at different angles. which would suggest model was leaning to one side.

        1. John Murray

          Not me, i’ve far more interesting things to do than get into slanging matches with people I don’t know.

  3. Mick

    His nose looks blown out and there’s a grey patch in the top left hand corner, the backdrop is also blown out but maybe this is what you were going for, but it just seems like your flash was at the wrong angle. I would have used a better image IMO to advertise head shots at this price.

  4. John Murray

    Hi Mick.

    This was actually a pre edited shot released on my facebook. Not sure how any of it ended up on Broadsheet.

      1. Mick

        Also, I didn’t say his cheek was blown out so I’m not sure why you mentioned that? I still think the backdrop is not even, it definitely looks blown out, but as I said, maybe you were going for this, and it probably looked different after post. Some of the photos on your FB page are also very questionable. The most recent one is absolutely terrible quality, best of luck with the business, it looks like you will need it.

          1. Mick

            Would you like to meet up for coffee or a pint, take my phone number, address and shoe size and then follow me around seeing and judging what I do on a daily basis based on a comment on BS? I don’t like my information splashed all over different sites on the internet, this is why I do not use a public profile, does that satisfy your curiosity? Not everyone who doesn’t post every piece of information about themselves on the internet is a troll. What a stupid assumption to make.

            I find it really bizarre that you can’t deal with criticism of other people’s work, which is very strange in the first place. Why would you care so much about criticisms of someone else’s work so much, unless you are in fact, that person just hiding behind a pseudonym? Seriously, I would LOVE to hear your retort because not at one point was I be begrudging. I was being critical, something you don’t seem to be able to get your head around.

            “I find it remarkable how Irish people will begrudge any Irish person who appears to be doing slightly better than they are.” Really? Because I find it amazing how you know what everyone in Ireland does for a living.

        1. John Murray

          Thanks. If you would let me know which image i can review it. If you could clarify on the nature of the poor quality also i would appreciate it

          1. Mick

            It was the most recent photo posted. It just looks very pixelated. It looks like it may have been a smaller sized photo that might have been enlarged too much. It was something like “We were shooting and then this guy stepped in….”

          2. John Murray

            Thats on the Studio One Five Page. Yes. It was exported from lightroom as a small Jpg accidentally. That page is inactive until the end of the month. The larger image of that guy and all of the headshot and studio pitch stuff will be uploaded soon.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Oops. It was ME!
      Honestly thought it was a fun competition for the public; posted online via social media for all to see.
      I really had no idea you were an arrogant pr1ck.

      1. Amanda

        Where exactly is he an arrogant pr*ck? I must have missed it.

        I just see a lot of not very constructive criticism – e.g. “good luck, you’ll need it”.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          See comments from John Murray and TrollSlayer.
          (When you’re finished work for the evening that is, luv.)

          1. Amanda

            Excuse me?
            Finished work?

            What comments from John Murray specifically show him to be an arrogant pr*ck in your opinion?

            If you’re not sure on reflection, it’s ok.

  5. Mick

    Oh poor poor Spaghetti Hoop, you really don´t have a clue do you? Thanks for clearing that up, it´ll make it easier to ignore your ignorant comments in the future.

    I´m also sad that you turned down my offer for a coffee or a pint, it almost seems like you don´t want to know who these ´annymous people´ are when they offer to meet you IRL.

    Who´s the arrogant pr1ck here, really? I´m pretty sure it´s you. No wait, I´m certain. I´m sure you´ll comment something really stupid to try and defend yourself, it´s ok, you lost the arguement. It´s natural to want to defend yourself, but only when you’re finished work for the evening that is, luv.

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