34 thoughts on “This One Doesn’t Count

  1. H

    A motorcycle went into it on Sunday evening, anyone know who covers the cost of the repair? The bikers insurance company?

  2. Stephen

    Not surprised this has happened given the quality of driving I’ve seen along here. The Rock Road is a horrible road to cycle, no proper cycle lanes and cars going far too fast.

    1. Mr. Camomile T

      Tis true – the cycle lane & bus lane are in conflict the entire way from Blackrock to Booterstown, with the result that taxis (mostly) try to squeeze between the cyclists on the left and the regular lane of traffic on the right. When cycling along there I usually take the whole bus lane there and try to force whatever cars or buses that are behind me into a proper overtaking manoeuvre using the regular traffic lane. I’m sure those drivers think it’s a dick move by me but I think it’s the safest option.

  3. Sam

    Flippin’ machines… Don’t the council know they’re depriving a JoBridge candidate of an opportunity to be mentored in mathematics and traffic management data collection methods? (and for far less than 20k of course!)


      1. Steph

        Knowledge is the cure for stupidity – this machine collects information and knowledge so the state can make informed decisions.

  4. Sam

    A simple device for the traffic
    To measure two-wheeled demographic
    It detects and logs bikes…
    So what’s not to like?
    Was it road rage? An urge psychopathic?

  5. Liam from Lixnaw

    whats the thinking behind displaying the amount of cycles that pass? count them for sure, but why display them?

    1. Wayne Carr

      Cyclist propaganda. These non-road tax payers demand their stupid, clean modes of transport be counted so that our roads can be cut to bits with stupid cycle lanes. Why aren’t they counting (and displaying) the numbers of cars using Rock Road?

      1. Sam

        The device for counting cars, buses etc, is much simpler, and is often used. Bikes don’t weight enough to register on it, so it needs a more complicated system. I would be interested in seeing the traffic stats for my local roads though, so I’ll agree with you there (seeing as you’re not a complete wayne carr ;) )
        I have a car and a bicycle. Would you prefer that I add one extra car in front of you if I’m just popping 5km down the road for something?

      2. Murtles

        Ya, feck stupid clean modes of transport. A few diesel engines with the timing belt slightly off to create a bit of more exhaust smoke did no harm to nobody. I’m so angry now, I’d nearly take a trip up to the Artic to burn a few penguins, that’ll teach those do-gooders.

      3. geebag

        MOTOR TAX. Bicycles don’t have motors.

        You can’t win if you choose a bike in some people’s eyes. They’ll complain about them being on the road in the way, they complain about them being on the footpath (rightly) and they complain about the construction of cycle lanes.

      4. Terapin

        Have you ever gone to roadtax.ie to pay the tax for your car? No.. It’s because it’s motor tax, and bicycles don’t have motors.

        You pay for the emmisions of your car and the upkeep of the roads that are damaged by cars and busses and trucks that weigh from about 600KG to 46 Tonnes.

        1. 3stella

          A bicycle is considered a vehicle, like other road users, Cyclists should be nominally registered, their bikes should carry a registration mark on the frame to help identify in case of theft and traffic violations.

    2. Sam

      cyclists are safer when other road users are expecting them to be there.
      I’m 6’3″ and I was once almost hit at a traffic light I was stopped at (while wearing bright yellow reflective raingear and the driver said ‘sorry I didn’t see you there’.

      On a road that has more frequent cycle traffic, this doesn’t happen because the drivers haven’t slipped into the mode of only noticing things at least as big as a Kawasaki 900 or Nissan Micra.
      (and before you ask, yes I drive a car, and have done for many years)

  6. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Armadillos!

    I think it’s just to let people know it’s working and for general interest in the stats

  7. Mr. T.

    Funny how the people who argue pro and anti cycling in online fora are probably best mates in the real world.

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