He’s Got Us By The Balls



He’s buying everyone.

Except the people he’s suing.

The Irish Times reports:

Jonathan Sexton’s commercial agreement with Denis O’Brien, which played a significant role in bringing the Ireland outhalf back to Leinster next season, confirms the new IRFU strategy of keeping hold of their most precious commodities. Basically, the provinces can now top up central contracts with private funding….

Sexton agreement with Denis O’Brien confirms IRFU’s strategy (Gavin Cummiskey, Irish Times)

(Photocall Ireland)

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26 thoughts on “He’s Got Us By The Balls

  1. GangstaTim

    Fair Play to Denis O’Brien.. Without someone like him we would not be able to compete with the French Clubs and would never be able to attract the likes of Trapattoni and Keane/O’Neill…

        1. The Lady Vanishes

          Yes, well it clearly didn’t teach you reading comprehension.

          I was making the point that the fact someone gives you some things, which are nice, doesn’t mean they are necessarily an overall beneficial influence. There may be other things (not implying genocide here, simply a level of media control giving rise to a perceived conflict of interest), which make them harmful.

          1. Errol Gunne

            As I said to my primary school teacher, don’t lecture me, wench! I know it all already!

            I was too busy being bold to notice him.

          2. Lilly

            According to people who went to UCD with him, he was… hang on, I know truth is an absolute defence and all but best not get Broadsheet sued or draw his goons on.

  2. Kolmo

    The South-American juntas of the 1970’s used to control opinion of themselves through the use of the public’s almost religious fervour for soccer…

    1. Booze filth shocker

      Stalin, Franco, hitler an Mussolini all used to finance Irish sporting projects and own lucrative telecommunications companies amongst other major business interests. That is ALL I am saying.

  3. Panty Christ

    He ran the tuck shop like a multinational while attending a completely different school a few postcodes over

  4. rotide

    THis is interesting. The article doesn’t go into much detail but third party ownership is causing all sorts of problems in soccer globally at the moment.

    Its great that Johnny’s back and if DOB’s money made that happen then great. I don’t for a second share the same concerns that broadsheet would probably have about it (DOB BAD) , the bigger concern is what widespread third party ownership might do to the game.

    1. SOMK

      Yes third party ownership in large rich kid leather egg carrying sport is more important than the influence of one extremely litigious (to the point of literally hounding investigative journalists out of the country) billionaire, who tribunals of inquiry have identified as (“almost without doubt”) having improper financial relations with then Minister Lowry in the run up to securing an extremely lucrative mobile licensing deal from the state (which effectively made his billions), a man who controls a huge proportion of the media (and was effectively paid by the Irish people do so when the loans with Anglo he acquired to pay for independent news and media were substantially written off) being able to whitewash his reputation by investing in sport, which is something no dodgy, extremely wealthy, individual has ever done, ever in history, not even mad Roman emperors. Nope what’s really important is that one particular large rich kid who is good at leather egg carrying, who’s parents happened to f*** here does his large rich kid leather egg carrying in this particular country and not another one, THIS IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE!

  5. Ronan D

    it’s disgraceful that this top up funding was blocked by the IRFU when Connaught wanted to do it to survive a couple of years ago.
    But oh no, now that Leinster are in danger of losing themselves into oblivion, then it’s perfectly acceptable.

    Never mind that that the decline in all Irish rugby can be traced back to the general IRFU mismangement (financial – ticket pricing./ availability and otherwise – player contracting) since March 2010 and the last international with 82k paying (€90 per ticket) customers.

  6. Original Cynical

    As long as he pays his full share of income tax, I don’t care what he does with the rest of his money!

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