He Wore Protection


From 1984, Father Michael Cleary was one of five churchmen who took part in a charity Church v State Celebrity Challenge motor race in the Phoenix Park.

Fianna Fáil leader Charles Haughey started the race after arriving in a vintage Rolls Royce.

Participants included Liam Cosgrave.

The race was won by TD Michael Keating, racing for the Stanhope Centre for Alcoholism, who celebrated with champagne.

Good times.

Watch here.

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12 thoughts on “He Wore Protection

    1. Dick Byrne

      Can someone quickly throw together a Team Scotland vs. Team Westminster go-karting extravaganza around St. Andrew’s?

      Thank you Broadsheet – made my day

  1. Tony the Toy Gur

    Haughey turned up in a vintage Rolls Royce to launch the race. He was leader of the opposition at the time.


  2. Ultach

    Ah, rain, cigarette smoke, dodgy leisurewear, dodgier clerical jocularity, compulsory casual alcoholism. Thank fup the 80s are long gone.

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