Further to his earlier appearance.

Senator Ronan Mullen speaking in the Seanad earlier on the issue of Direct Provision:

The treatment of women in the system is deplorable. There are several male-only reception centres in the State. But there are none which provide solely for women. Many women who seek asylum in the State are fleeing the most gruesome and most unimaginable conditions sometimes involving sexual abuse or rape. And for these victims to be placed in a system where there’s an underlying fear perhaps in some cases of a recurrence of abuse is really shocking.


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39 thoughts on “Y Ronan?

    1. ABM

      This. The mentality that dehumanises those who speak the truth is the same mentality that leads to the dehumanisation of the unborn.

          1. Jordofthejungle

            Lol. Watching with your cat? Who paid for that TV? You still find the time ABM to spew bile within moments one of your revealing obsessions is mentioned. Strange: you appear to have a lot of time on your hands ABM. No family members or other half around? Diddums. You’re well used to it though.

            Maybe singleton Senator Ronan Mullen might watch the footie with you. You and he might like that…

      1. Jordofthejungle

        FFS ABM, you deranged lonely wretch. You are so desperate for a reaction to distract from the malaise of your life that you attempt to bring up one of your causes célèbres, abortion to derail the issue. Not one word about the subject at hand but your warped world view sees only one thing.

        Strange though how you don’t bring up homosexuality, your other favourite topic, which had more of a link your poster boy “bachelor” Senator Ronan Mullen.

    1. rotide

      Because he’s pro life.

      Therefore anything he says, no matter how correct or public spirited or good hearted makes him anything less than a WITCH WHO WILL BURN.

      1. Bacchus

        we don’t actually know this… because nobody has ever heard him say anything “correct or public spirited or good hearted “

      2. Sidewinder

        Actually it’s because he will never respect the decision of a woman who knows what’s best for herself if it’s something he disagrees with.

        Said decisions include things far less controversial than abortion – also includes – trans women living their lives as the women they are, a woman marrying the woman she loves, a woman adopting a child with the woman she loves, a woman acting as surrogate for her sister who decided to ask her sister to be a surrogate, a woman choosing to have pre-marital sex, a woman choosing birth control, a woman choosing the morning after pill as part of her birth control and the list goes on.

        1. ABM

          Those who consciously make bad decisons don’t deserve the time of day, let alone “respect”.

          The electric chair is too comfortable for those who peddle lies and deceive innocent women into bad decision-making. The heterodoxy is at least two orders of magnitude worse than the heteropraxis. Politicians and activists be warned!

          1. Jordofthejungle

            I get it ABM. Ratchet up the crazy to get a reaction to distract from not only your hypocrisy but the loneliness and desperation which blight your life. Why do you have so much time on your hands to indulge your abortion and gay obsessions?

            What a sad, depressing, angry and lonely life you lead ABM.

  1. Sidewinder

    Dear Ronan,

    Neither I nor any of my female friends or relatives will be falling for your sh1t. We know you’re trying to make it look like you care but we all know that what you actually think is that you know what’s best for us.

    We’re not buying it.


    Sidewinder & all Sidewinder’s female friends and relatives

      1. Sidewinder

        I’d guess Ronan is after what all politicians are after and he’s not getting a vote from me or any woman I know or have half a chance to talk to about him.

      2. Sidewinder

        ps It’s astounding how quickly you ran out of actual arguments in support of what he is doing here before leaping to fallacy spewing. Actually wait, you haven’t presented any at all. Off you go then.

  2. Brainer

    He is advocating doing the right thing for a people who need help badly and all some of you cretins can do is mock him?

    That’s cool.

    But yeah, go ahead and ignore the good he’s trying to do because of your hatred towards him due to his stance of wanting to protect the unborn. Spot on.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      It’s always been suggested that he is a part of Opus Dei and they hold virginity as one of / part of the highest forms of spirituality possible… it’s likely he’s saving it.

  3. The Bottler

    What was Ronan’s percentage vote in the Euro elections…. 2%/3%? he is not worth a second’s consideration.

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