Classic Entitlement



Rather than pay the €2 to park his car in a disc parking zone in the Mary Street area of  [Limerick] city this Monday afternoon, one Sinn Féin councillor opted to leave a note on his dashboard… the daring sign did not deter local authority traffic wardens from issuing 22-year-old Cmhlr [Séighin] Ó Ceallaigh with a €40 parking fine…

Just the ticket for ‘cheeky’ Limerick councillor (Alan Jacques, Limerick Post)

Thanks Niall O’M

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53 thoughts on “Classic Entitlement

  1. Wayne Carr

    No one could make a sign like that in paint on a windows 95 computer. It had to have been the Shinner.

    It shows how much they’ve lost the run of themselves really.

  2. Sidewinder

    What a complete a****ole. The making of the sign also makes it quite clear that he wasn’t just stuck for the €2 in a tush or an emergency. No, he just decided he was entitled to free parking. Git.

  3. Dougal

    I might be wrong, but there’s a bang of photoshop off this. Whats with the dark halo? and the shadow in mid air at the top?

    1. ReproBertie

      It’s not photoshopped. If you click on the link you’ll see that he freely admitted it and says that the car was parked outside the SF offices.

      1. Hosannah in the Hiace

        anyone with real interest in Irish would know the proper orthography : Séin would sound like Shane

    1. Planet of the Missing Biros

      No idiot.

      Séighin Ó Ceallaigh is his name. The surname Kelly didn’t exist before the English started going around Anglicising Irish names as part of the penal laws and their campaign against Gaelic culture.

      So well done. You must be proud as an Irish person to continue their work. Only thing worse than a willing turncoat is one too stupid to know that they are one.

      1. Hosannah in the Hiace

        no, cl0wn.

        usual tokenistic crap from monolingual muppets.

        Seighin doesn’t even conform to proper modern Irish orthography. but that went right by you didn’t it!

        his website is all in English too, – real fíor Gael ha ha!

        kn@ckers in Celtic jerseys are never going to revive Irish. fellow travellers like you should recognise that.

  4. Chris

    Just a misunderstanding. His mammy puts name tags on all his stuff. There’s also one on his coat and trousers.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    Apparently, he does it all the time….. I hope they check that street everyday from now on. He seems to think that he’s entitled to free parking when on council business too, the twat.

    From Limerick Post
    In response, Cmhlr Ó Ceallaigh said, “I was actually parked next to the Sinn Féin office on Mary Street. I park my car there every day and was actually at a Council meeting when I got a ticket.”

      1. Mister Mister

        That’s the problem with the republicans, they’ve given too many breaks, knee caps, ankles, elbows, skulls.

        Being 22 is no excuse for wearing Celtic jerseys.

      2. Delacaravanio

        Are you implying he’s going to grow out of it? Because being a Sinn Féin councillor is a fairly big jump from the usual armchair republicanism one associates with the kind of scobes who wear Celtic jerseys. I’ve a feeling this guy will be even worse when he’s 32.

  6. ahyeah

    Bit of assumption going on here as to why he placed the notice there. I’ve been at things in the past when everyone has been asked to put their names on their car – in case it needs to be moved or is blocking something, whoever needs it moved knows where to go and who to ask. The assumption that he’s doing a ‘Do you know who I am?’ is perhaps wrong.

        1. Wait For It

          How many ‘Séighin Ó Ceallaigh’s are there parking in that area that he felt the need to specify ‘councillor’?

  7. ScareySarahCarey

    If Sin Fein ever end up in power I’d say that there won’t be a brown envelope available for love nor money in the country.

  8. Anne

    I don’t see the problem.
    I regularly park my car with no disc, and I get away.. (I’m usually only 5 mins, y’ know yourself)

    Maybe the sign on the window is in case he forgets which car is his?
    It’s not like the sign read ‘This car belongs to Sinigy O Killigy and don’t you dare give me a parking fine’

  9. Mr. T.

    That picture looks fake. It’s appears to be retouched. Look the outer glow around the paper, unnatural shadowing. I don’t buy this at all.

    Was this sent in by a young Fine Gaeler as part of their relentless smear campaign against SF?

  10. Paolo

    How do you know it was his car? Couldn’t anyone print a note like that? I hate the Shinners but this could be dirty tricks by anyone.

    1. WOD

      Sure he admitted it ya clown… De Shinners are getting to like the perks all the same, imagine the abuse if they got into power.

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