28 thoughts on “Elevation

  1. Smashmouth

    I’m sure they are very upset at the global publicity the stunt has, and still is receiving

    The only way the album can be deemed a failue is if their ticket sales for the upcoming tour are poor and I suspect that will not be the case

  2. Lothario Lucan

    I always arrange to go on dates on September 11th – its such an easy conversation starter – “where were you when it happened”, “can you believe its 13 years..” etc etc

    i follow this up later in the evening with a discussion on the perils of a Nazi regime in the 21st century

    Then by midnight the aul Khmer Rouge reacharound comes into play

    never fails

    1. ahyeah

      If my experience with Lucan ladies is any indication, you’re putting way too much thought and effort into it.

  3. The People's Hero

    Awesome…. there’s nothing we like more in this country than some serious Irish success getting a massive international smackdown…. More of the lash please Mr.Grey, More!

    1. aubrey

      Sorry that we, and the rest of the world, think U2, and Bono in particular, are a torpid wart on humanity’s swiss. Please forgive us.

  4. Bingo

    Think it’s a proven fact that Metallica were ahead of the curve when it came to piracy, etc.
    They put themselves in the firing line (and they got hit hard). They seem to tour the US a lot less these days too.
    They ballsed up the PR side of it but they were right all along.

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