‘Just Like That’


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CD writes:

“Some jump in price! From Myhome.ie…25% just like that…”

`Cuil Min`, 56 Sydney Avenue, Blackrock, Co.Dublin (MyHome.ie)




Half a million?

49 Ringsend Road (Daft)

27 thoughts on “‘Just Like That’

    1. Mr. T.

      Ireland doen’t have an upper class. We simply have wealthier middle class. To call those people upper class is to demote yourself to a lower class by default. If you call them upper class, they start to believe it themselves and then set about becoming exclusive, even though their parents could well have been from council flats in the inner city.

      Upper class only exist in the UK, mainly England and are Royal anointed Lords, Barons, etc. Nothing to do with Irish society.

    1. fosull

      Think you took a wrong turn on the way to The Journal.

      (Also, lazy, comment showing a total absence of knowledge on your subject matter.)

    1. Tony

      God knows why. it’s not like anyone in Ireland has ever been interested in or affected by the price of property is it?

  1. Selfie Sensation

    What is so upsetting about this? Seller of mansion decides he wants even more cash for it? Will people pay that amount? if so he is quids in if not who cares. Either way the number of people affected must be in the tens.

    Is the OP somehow Butthurt that people have bigger houses than him? Is this the only house he is able to buy? I mean if it was a housing estate full of starter homes and the prices had all been jacked up putting them out of the reach of those for whom they were intended then I would understand but thats not what is happening here.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    I get the impression that people who have never bought or sold a property seem to be consistently sneering the process.

    1. Anne

      What part of the process are they sneering at?

      If you don’t like my question, please try not to insinuate I’m a hooker, as you did on another thread recently.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        The process – not a part of the process.

        Your avatar (a different one to the above) looked like a hooker.

        1. Anne

          Well, no one would applaud the price of a house inflating by 25% overnight.
          You may well have purchased a home at some point to ‘sneer’ at that.

          (I used an image of a Georgia O’Keefe painting. It a flower. )

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            It wasn’t a flower – it was a picture of a woman that looked very like a hooker. Under the name ‘Amanda’.

            Whatever your name is, I’m sure you’re not really a hooker so lighten up.

          2. Anne

            That one there? She’s wearing a red top and has glasses on. Hardly.

            You didn’t like being questioned as to why you called that photographer an arrogant pr*ck and told me to read what he and some other commenter wrote, when I was finished work for the evening ‘luv’.
            Coming from another woman, that’s a bit disgusting.

            I’m still none the wiser as to what you were on about in this thread ‘Spaghetti Hoop’, and it doesn’t look like you’ll explain.

            I get the impression that people who have never bought or sold a property seem to be consistently sneering the process.

            What does that mean?

          3. Selfie Sensation

            I suspect the people sellign the house might applaud it as might other people selling similar houses. It doesn’t affect the vast majority in anyway so why should they give a French Connection UK?

    1. Selfie Sensation

      I like the houses and Sandymount is very desirable but never in a gabillion years would I pay even close to the asking prices. They would be over priced at half what they want.

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