He’s No Son of Mine



Bonkers and very sweet house arrest prankage.

Johnny Moy writes:

“The Fear [hidden camera show] is back on RTÉ 2 with it’s third season on Monday September 29th at 10:30pm. After the success of last year’s Water Meter prank, we’ve released a taster of what’s to come over this season starring Hilary Rose, Ross Browne and Fred Cooke. Our characters return a prisoner on house arrest to his “parents” who are not that happy to see him…”

The Fear (Facebook)

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21 thoughts on “He’s No Son of Mine

  1. Pidge

    Wouldn’t it be illegal to turn up to someone’s house pretending to be a Garda?

    And, without trying to be no craic, illegal for good reasons?

      1. johnthebaptist

        Lower/Working/Nothside/cannonfodder – we’re talking in terms of Montrose’s language here, its all the same to them.

    1. Mani

      They are dreadful. ‘Aren’t you a big eejit for not realising that the scenario you’ve been involved with for the last 5 minutes is entirely set-up?’ eh, no, because I’m not a paranoid sociopath.

      1. Mick Flavin

        This video is the basis of two of the top five stories on Newswhip down the side>>>

        I suppose if people in their droves still watch this stuff, there’s not much incentive for RTE to take a risk on something different.

  2. Mr. T.

    Prank shows were already out of date in the early 00s.

    But RTE just keep making them and giving them a different name every year.

  3. Bacchus

    Oh good. It’s not just me that hates this cheap moronic shit@. I hate to be thought of as curmudgeonly.

  4. squiggleyjoop

    It’s amazing how RTE still think hidden camera pranks (very mean spirited ones at that) and impressions are good enough to sustain a full series of television.

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