Y And The Wherefore


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Screengrabs from last night’s Prime Time on RTÉ showing a timeline through leaked portions of a HSE report of the events surrounding the refusal of an abortion to an asylum seeker.

Watch full show here

Health agencies constrained by abortion legislation – draft report (RTÉ)

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At The Mercy Of The State

Without Consent

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9 thoughts on “Y And The Wherefore

  1. Llareggub

    A HSE report – from the HSE that’s a state funded state body with a vested interest, as opposed to a report from an independent body of individuals who are not trying to cover stuff up.

  2. Barry the Hatchet

    This is just ghoulish. How can an inquiry team, which does not include a psychiatrist, possibly make a determination as to whether this woman was suicidal or not?

  3. Lorcan Nagle

    Well I for one am shocked that an official report into the latest in a long time of colossla cock-ups involving women’s health in Ireland is a whitewash. Just time time for the March for Choice on Saturday too.

  4. Don Pidgeoni

    “It is understood that the HSE inquiry team has not interviewed Ms Y. ”

    Of course, why would you?!

  5. Dubloony

    And what did Ms Y think of all this?
    Legislation is doing what it was designed to do – give the fig leaf of saying that the supreme court x case decision was complied with while putting obstacles in way of a distressed woman to placate FG.

  6. realPolithicks

    So a psychiatrist feels she has “a strong death wish” but that there is “no evidence that Ms Y constituted a risk of suicide”. What an absolute joke, clearly the only way a person will be found to present a suicide risk is if they actually attempt suicide, by which time it may be too late.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      Migrant Y did in fact attempt suicide, but was stopped, according to her own account of what happened.

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