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From top: Sunday Business Post at the weekend; Taoiseach Enda Kenny with Paypal Ireland boss Louise Phelan at the Paypal HQ in Dundalk, Co. Louth earlier today

In the Sunday Business Post at the weekend, in an article by journalists Pat Leahy and Michael Brennan, a “key government strategist” was quoted as saying: “We’ll scare the shit out of them [the electorate] for the last ten days.”

Further to this…

Fiach Kelly, in the Irish Times, reports:

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has claimed there could be a “flight” of jobs and capital from Ireland if some alternatives to the Fine Gael-Labour coalition are elected to government…

“There are alternatives, but there are consequences to the alternatives,” he said.

“I do not want to see the flight from this country of either capital or jobs or lack of investment coming in here. And what you see is difficulties in other countries. Greece is back in recession, Spain hasn’t been able to form a government and there are rising interest rates in Portugal. We’re in a very much stronger position than we were. We still have some distance to travel and there are still many challenges out there.”

“That’s a choice for the people and I think they will reflect on that very carefully in the next seven to ten days. They decide what direction our country goes: forwards or backwards.”

Kenny: There could be ‘flight of capital’ if alternatives elected (Irish Times)

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Staying in tonight?

The Fear on RTÉ Two at 10.25pm.

Melanie O’Connor writes:

In episode four, Irinka is back with her talk show ‘Irinka On Every Corner’, Billy The Kid finds out about the birds and the bees, The Nun gets addicted to codeine and our very special guest Martin Maloney, from the Hardy Bucks, does his best Danny Dyer impression.

The Fear (Facebook)


On The Fear.

Painted like a butterfly.

Speaks Dublinese

Melanie O’Connor writes:

This week guest star Karl Spain hatches a plan to house his furry little friend and Dermot Whelan puts an actor through his paces as Dave’s replacement in an advert.  meanwhile, our reporter (above) meets “Conor McGregor” on the streets of Dublin…

The Fear is on RTÉ2 at 10.25pm.

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Melanie O’Connor writes:

“The Fear is back for a fourth season starting tonight at 10.25pm on RTÉ 2. Trawling around the country the gang will be up to their usual tricks, storming across Ireland with their hidden camera and generally spreading The Fear…”

“This season will feature plenty more pranks and see the return of all your favourite characters, Irinka The Russian Streetwalker, The Nun, Fred Cooke, Sergeant Major and Jimmy the most annoying man in Ireland.”

“Joining Hilary Rose, Ross Browne and Fred Cooke this season will be some special guest comedians including Dermot Whelan, Karl Spain and Martin Maloney.”

The Fear (RTÉ)

the fear

Fred Cooke gatecrashes a wedding proposal at the Electric Picnic with flamboyantly outrageous consequences on controversial hidden camera show The Fear.

Melanie O Connor writes:

“The Fear returns to television screens tonight on RTÉ 2 at 10.30pm. This season will see the return of some familiar favourites including Irinka The Russian Streetwalker who has lost her pussy(cat), The Nun and Jimmy the most annoying man in Ireland. This series will see the introduction of an assortment of new characters including Naomi the poshest English woman in Ireland and Sergeant Major who questions what the Irish public are made of…”



Bonkers and very sweet house arrest prankage.

Johnny Moy writes:

“The Fear [hidden camera show] is back on RTÉ 2 with it’s third season on Monday September 29th at 10:30pm. After the success of last year’s Water Meter prank, we’ve released a taster of what’s to come over this season starring Hilary Rose, Ross Browne and Fred Cooke. Our characters return a prisoner on house arrest to his “parents” who are not that happy to see him…”

The Fear (Facebook)