Cage Against The Machine




Sheila Larkin writes:

“Remember that empty lot on the corner of Richmond Street South and Harcourt Road [Dublin]? It’s being used for art installations. Here is today’s live art installation. Mad Ted.”


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18 thoughts on “Cage Against The Machine

  1. Pothole

    now if you put a hungry ferret into the cage along with that twit – that would be something I would go to see

    so it would

    1. SOMK

      Of course it’s art, the question is whether it’s any good, which you can’t really judge from a single photograph taken completely out of context (is this the performance or not, is it a rehersal, is it someone photgraphing an album cover?). What you can judge apparently is whether or not someone is over weight, unintelligent and would be entertaining is attacked by a starving wild animal.

      1. Derval

        The question isn’t whether it’s any good.
        That question can’t be answered (definitively).
        The same applies to any (work of) art.
        The question is whether you like it or not.

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    That’s gas, Ted. I walked past that corner this morning at around 8.50 thinking to myself “it’s a pity they don’t use that space anymore”.

    1. Mr. T.

      Yeah. Next they’ll be saying sidewalk and trunk.

      Lots of post J1ers up in UCD at the moment, all with their pretend American accents as if they were living there for 10 years.

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