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Yesterday evening.

In fairness.

Deora Dé Fuschia.

Tears of God.

Breeda writes:

Holly Mullarkey, clay artist and poet, has completed her most recent piece to honour Tuam babies and survivors of the former Mother and Baby Homes.

Earlier Holly planned supporting survivors making the teardrop shaped boats in the video above, but Covid19 put paid to those plans.

Undeterred Holly, who worked with Clay Galway in a collective for Galway 2020, set about constructing boats out of clay to represent containers of stories needing to be shared as various groups experiencing marginalisation merged for a performance on Grattan Road Beach in Galway.

Holly’s dedication to the story of the ‘Children of Tuam’ is captured and the poem recalls the lost lives of the 796 babies and children.

Holly Mullarkey

Enjoy art?

Fancy a coffee?

‘Broadsheet on the Telly‘s Luke Brennan writes:

My brother animator and visual artist Fergal is showing some work in the Fumbally Cafe [Fumbally Lane, Merchant’s Quay, Dublin 8]this week.

Due to restrictions, he won’t be able to have an opening, but anyone passing might like a look!

His work can be seen on Instagram here….

Lockdown Drawings by Fergal Brennan, Fumbally Cafe, Dublin 8  September 23-28 2

‘Influence of Pandemic’.

An installation by artist Hina Khan (top).

Exhibiting at the West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, County Cork today and tomorrow.

Hina writes:

My installation is representing the global situation and is a firm reaction to forced lockdown….Trauma and uncertainty mould the ideas to rethink and reshape….

West Cork Arts Centre

MO, from The Art of Sport, has been combining his love of fine art and sports photography, since lockdown started.

he has now amassed a collection of 100 such artworks (at link below), including his latest (above).

Can you name the painting and the sporting moment?

The Art of Sport

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