35 thoughts on “Fair City In Unfairness

  1. Soft like

    Completely agree but sure all soaps are just escapism for people. To show life is much worst for people in soaps and how good they have it, not living in an area of dublin where more people have died in the last 25 years than the total population of dublin!!!

    1. Joe

      Soaps as to TV what trashy mags are to the Press, you might not like either but they have a target audience and suspiciously it’s nearly the same audience as folk that like soaps often are fans of trashy mags.

  2. raymondo

    The anniversary was six days ago. Hardly pulling punches to comment on something that happened a week ago. More like clutching at straws.

    1. rotide

      There’s some pretty good actors in fair city. The problem is that due to the nature of the genre and more particularly the budget, there simply isn’t time for any meaningful rehearsals or preparation. AFAIK they get one run through and then its straight to a take.

      This obviously goes for scriptwriting and direction as well.

      1. rotide

        Actually it doesn’t show. People don’t look at fair city and go ‘Interesting storyline that could have been better fleshed out with further revisions’, they say ‘RTE IS A POX ON OUR NATIONAL HERITAGE’ or some such nonsense.

  3. KirkenBrenner

    Their biggest mistake was having Lorraine Molloy die in a hurricane off-screen.
    Would have been bloody class to see the Fair City SFX department conjure one of them up.

    1. KirkenBrenner

      A large growth in the shape of Sinead O’Connor’s head on her right knee.
      She should get it lanced.
      It won’t get rid of it or anything, but it just needs to be stabbed.

    2. munkifisht

      Can’t believe we’re still going on about Kylie’s arse. It almost seems like we’re simply fascinated she has one.

      1. rotide

        People will be going on about Kylie’s arse as long as it stays in the shape of uter perfection it exists in.

  4. Alfred E. Neumann

    Rotide is spot on about the genre limitations. The other problem with soap criticism is that people who don’t like soaps don’t watch them. You can sit through a bad film to write a review, but no-one is going to watch even a fortnight of soap for a 300-word squib in The Star. (Hence her not knowing that two of the characters she finds so dreary were written out ages ago.)

    Mondo is dire, though.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      That’s why she has a small r! Well spotted. I thought “small r’s” might be another reference to Kylie.

  5. James Heron

    Actually the best thing about Fair City is it gives Mario Rosenstock such good material to work with.

  6. Max Power

    Oh god, please dont mention Mario…..Faircity is Hollywood box office stuff compared to his turd bucket or a show…….oh no….please let him die in peace……

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