Drinking The Kool-Aid





Aaron Quinn writes:

“Our Dublin-based company Creative Nation produced a video I think you may like. Irish People Taste American Snacks…”

Nothing wrong with a Jolly Rancher particNOMNOMNOMNOM

Most splutter-inducing YouTube comment: ‘Stick to potatoes.’






DalliusD writes~:

“bit of add on info about the rolls…Photo taken in San Fran, most of the US choc had similar warnings!”

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27 thoughts on “Drinking The Kool-Aid

    1. Sidewinder

      At first I was skeptical that hey were eating proper taytos but then they seemed to accurately describe smokey bacon taytos…

    2. Fionn

      The Americans did seem to like the blood sausage. and the Irish cocaine.
      They weren’t totally revolted by our snacks. Although I don’t think black pudding is a snack, so maybe liking taht should be discounted.

  1. DaveM

    ”I’m just trying to imagine a cowboy with a jolly rancher in his mouth”

    Those videos prove that there are boring nerds to mirror each other on both sides of the Atlantic and none of them have Irish accents.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    There’s so little chocolate in many Hershey products they’re not allowed call it chocolate, it’s ‘candy chocolate’ as in chocolate flavoured…… euuuuuuwwwww! Having replaced cocoa butter with vegetable oil.

    The worst chocolate / chocolate like product I’ve ever tasted, and a very unhealthy substitute for real chocolate.

    1. Bejayziz

      It’s awful stuff, Hersheys have a rancid sour taste to them…the likes of Yorkie’s arent much better though

      1. pedeyw

        Nestle chocolate is basically chocolate flavoured margerine. Hershey is worse. Baby Ruths are quite tasty though.

    2. Tom Stewart

      Excellent comment.

      You’ve also reminded me of something that ruined Nutella for me forever, and I’m going to do the same for you. Years ago, I was staying in a youth hostel in France happily eating my bagette and Nutella when an American woman came up to chat to me. She told me that Nutella was mostly vegetable oil (check the ingredients – she’s right). She told me that for this reason she couldn’t eat Nutella because it makes her stomach “f***ed up” (screwing up her nose and pointing to her stomach for maximum effect).

      I don’t think I’ve eaten it since.

  3. Skerries

    So what would you put into taste for them?

    I think the 3 main Crisps, Tayto, King and Hunky Dory’s both cheese and onion and Salt and vinegar flavours
    and then a Cadburys selection Box

  4. Helen 2.0

    Oh my god the main ingredient is like umm sugar….

    At least the american version picked a few traditional irish food stuffs to try not just a load a sugary treats that most adults would never eat anyway.

  5. ShaneC

    The video was “Snacks” though not “Food”.

    I think it was the pure massive amounts of sugar that caused the issue.
    Sure, sweets here have sugar but not usually as much as many of theirs do.

    Kool-aid is really popular and enough for 2-3 drinks full sets you down a whole cup of sugar..

    1. ShaneC

      That whole website though, is 75% either

      a) complete ripoffs of buzz feed videos (same titles, tags, content)
      b) just outright posting buzzfeed videos with a one liner of text above them

      Least this one said they were doing it as a parody..

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