Open Up And Say ‘Ahhh’


Up to 500 GPs, from the National Association of General Practitioners, are expected to protest outside the Dáil at 2pm today, to protest over cutbacks, saying patient safety is at stake.

“Adequate medical cover will be in place during the demonstration”.

RTÉ reports:

Dr Stephen Murphy, a GP and NAGP executive committee member, said GPs have been faced with a 40% cut in income fees and are struggling to survive because of years of successive cutbacks.

He said: “We want resourcing. We need more GPs. We need more facilities to enable us to hold on to the GPs that we have.

GPs to protest outside Dáil over cutbacks (RTÉ)

National Association of General Practitioners

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38 thoughts on “Open Up And Say ‘Ahhh’

  1. Tucker Done

    “We want resourcing. We need more GPs. We need more facilities to enable us to hold on to the GPs that we have.”


    “We want resourcing. We need more money. We need more facilities to enable us to hold on to the shedloads of money that we thought we were going to earn when we sat the leaving cert.”

    1. Papa P

      50 to 60 euro for five minutes “work”… “Oh you’ve a cold … take this anti biotic that I’ve prescribed fifty other people today. NEXT!”

      They must struggle something fierce.

  2. Disasta

    The commentators above show their ignorance in relation to what a GPs costs are.
    I’m not a GP. I know some and have a family member who training to be one.
    He is in his late 20s and still working towards his goal.
    Yes he took out a year for fun on the Southern Hemisphere but don’t we all (if you didn’t poor you).

    All this college costs money. All the medical memberships cost money. The rooms/building you rent costs money. The equipment costs a sh!tload of money. The insurance is ridiculous. There’s also the continued education costs, supplies, servicing and all other associated costs a business has.

    If you walk into a doctors surgery and are out in 5 minutes then you are the fool. Take your time, demand you are seen to for the assigned time.

    Now many of these older docs may have extending themselves in the good times and now can’t afford their massive lifestyle. JUST THE SAME AS the moron on 35 grand who bought a house for 350 grand when times were good.

    Smoke that.

    1. Tom Stewart

      You almost made a cogent point by stating that there are high expenses for GPs that the public are not aware of (however I utterly reject that Joe Bloggs has to pay over the odds because of the fact that membership fees to medical organisations are high – I couldn’t give a f*** about that).

      But it’s mixed in with so much rubbish, including sympathy for those who did not go to Australia for a year, and then seemingly defeating your own argument by stating that GPs ARE to blame for high fees because of their lavish lifestyles?


      1. Disasta

        “I couldn’t give a f*** about that” – Keep ignoring the reality there. Good job.

        Mani, comments all the same, is anything ever in your favour or positive?
        What’s it like up there? So everyone who over extended themselves is just stupid ye? Is that it? That’s your synopsis of the situation? You must be some omnipotent being know all the future has to hold never doing any in error or never being a little greedy and wanting more. Sap.

        Do you know what your company charges for you per hour? I know what they charge for me and although its not quite 180 or so an hour its into 3 figures. I base the 180 per hour on the fact that my GP charges 60 for 20 minutes.

  3. Mani

    ‘We have come to expect a certain level of….comfort over the years. It’s getting increasingly difficult to find locums to cover your maternity leave. I’m on my third you know! We only had two holidays last year and don’t think for one second the neighbours didn’t notice. I suggested to Dennis that we strap the ski gear to the car roof and park it in the airport for two weeks while we went to his mothers in Wexford but he was having none of it. It’s putting a strain on our marriage’

          1. Mani

            So what your saying is that a service that was increasingly overpriced during the boom remained stable and in some cases rose during one of the worst recessions in our time?

  4. Tom Stewart

    @Mani: here is the answer to your question at 1.15pm.

    More utterly bewildering debating style featuring:

    – introducing a question that nobody has asked
    – not answering that question or providing new information or making a point
    – boasting that he/she really knows the answer, but just isn’t telling us
    – blatant difficulty with the English language (*have* doctors fees gone up [in] since 2005)

      1. Disasta

        Nobody asked you.

        I simply point out that the sour Mani and co don’t have a clue what they are talking about and given the time they spend on this blog do sweet f**k all in life.

        1. Tom Stewart

          “Nobody asked you”. You’re right. Nobody asked me directly to comment, but this is not a forum that features your opinion exclusively, so I did.

          You made a comment, and again, since this was done in a public forum, I availed of my right to point out that it was almost incomprehensible drivel.

          1. Disasta

            I based my comment on facts, not opinions. My comment called out the tripe you and Mani pouted.

            “I availed of my right to point out that it was almost incomprehensible drivel” – but you write baseless drivel just like Mani?

            You are the saddest type of person. One I pity. One who picks and chooses battles based on whether they think they will win given the circumstances, not whether they are in the right. Soemeones who’s self opinion is so high they can’t even see when they are acting like a fool.

          2. Disasta

            I knew you’d eventually fade but this is how you go?
            I suppose you knew you’d no substance to your comments.

            Keep up the good work boy.

          3. Tom Stewart

            So much wrong with this:

            – what facts?
            – why is what I/Mani said “tripe”?
            – how is what I said “baseless”?
            – on what are you basing the statement that I only fight arguments I can win?
            – you state that I’m acting like a fool. Would this (like the last point) not be one of your so-hated opinions?

          4. Disasta

            Clampers, its grinds my gears when people mouth on about topics they know nothing about.

            So yes, I went off on one. But in my defence, these lads are experts on everything.

        2. Mani

          I would wager that anyone who has commented more than I on this thread, and with less and less coherence, is not really in a position to judge how others spend their time.

      2. Mani

        I wouldn’t bother. The commenter mentioned above that they had a family member in medicine. So going by traditional Irish values he’s posting these comments from a seminary.

  5. John

    The average private patient sees their GP four timmes per year. At €50 per visit they are paying €200 per annul for their GP service. Under UHC that was said to be about €1650 for the same service. In the UK GP gets 9% of the annual health budget and are looking for 11%; here it is 2.3%. It is getting increasingly difficult to recruit GPs especially for rural areas. Not alone are newly qualified GPs emigrating but established ones are as well. If you take 43% out of a service (FEMPI cuts) and at the same time look for extra services to be performed, then you can expect protest.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      “four times per year” …is that a real figure? I was at the doctor four times three years ago, but I had an ongoing health issue to sort out. Haven’t been since, hadn’t been to one for years before that either (and ‘no’, that was not the reason why I had to go back a few times in one year).

      Anyway, 4 times a yr, is that average right? :)

      1. Disasta

        Babies, perpetually sick, old people do be drivin’ up numbers.

        Also anyone with a medical card and time on their hands.

        1. ivan

          so it’s not 4 times a year for PRIVATE patients which is what was said a few comments up…but 4 times a year per head of population, taking account of those who er, mightn’t go as much if they had to pay…

          1. John

            There is plenty of research on this. Four times per year per average private patient; about twice that for GMS patients.

          2. ivan

            not trying to undermine your point at all John – genuinely seeking to clarify. Like clampers above, the notion of an average visit THAT high strikes me as odd; I’m 40 and have been in a surgery, I’d say, 30 times in my life, that I can remember, that I said to myself ‘right, I’m sick enough to justify paying the fifty quid here…’

            I suspect population/demographic changes in rural areas will make being a GP a less lucrative occupation – unless they’re willing to start that night calling thing again, which appears to have been taken over by the likes of WestDoc here…

  6. John

    Hi Ivan,
    If you are between ten and fifty you probably do not attend your GP very often apart from screening checks, ie cervical smears, cholesterol checks etc. but if you are less than ten your worried mum will be bringing you into the office with febrile viral illnesses. A poster earlier said that he/she was charged so much for seeing the GP with a cold. Why on earth would you go to a doctor with a cold? I have had one for two weeks now and wouldn’t dream of it. If over fifty, chronic disease means more frequent visits for monitoring of blood pressure, diabetes, emphysema and all the other slings and arrows throwat you.
    Of all illnesses reported by the public to the health service, 95% are dealt with at primary care level. With psychiatric problems this drops to 90%.

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