Meanwhile, In Ferrybank



Gardaí arrive as residents protest against the installation of Irish Water meters in Ferrybank on Monday

Gardaí in Waterford are investigating the theft of equipment for installing water meters from a housing estate in Ferrybank last night. It is believed 250 plastic barriers, cones and signs were taken from Fíodh Mór sometime between 7pm and 7.30pm. A number of residents in the estate blocked Irish Water staff from installing water meters yesterday and people living in the nearby Abbey Park housing estate also blocked Irish water staff earlier in the week.

Irish Water equipment stolen in Waterford (RTÉ)

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Shane Gavin writes:

This video popped up on Facebook earlier, related to the Ferrybank water meters thing in Waterford. It’s of Ferrybank residents blocking the installation of meters, what’s worrying is the insistence of the meter chap in charge to just drive through the people with the digger…

Video via Tony Penkert

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16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ferrybank

  1. Anne

    Hopefully the equipment will show up.. buried in a pit of slurry somewhere.

    With the 100 odd million gone into the set up of this quango, they should be able to cover this type of contingency.

    Cue the government hacks.. ‘safeguard a precious natural resource’.. bla bla bla.
    The professional classes are making a killing on this one, with everyone on premium rates. So far, Irish Water has allocated €86m for consultants and lawyers. Just setting up the company and its “new funding model” is budgeted at €150m. On top of which there’s a €30m “contingency fund” – which is technical language for “the way these people charge, we know the €150m won’t be enough”.

  2. fmong

    Wether you agree with their protest or not, it’s absurd that a situation like this descends/escelates into driving a digger very slowly at a house wife while a red faced gardai looks on getting ever more sweaty.. it was obvious there would be protests and no clear strategy or recourse have been taken to deal with it.. just drive the digger at them, slowly mind you.. In this, and other cases, Irish Water and The Gardai look like dopes. Sorry lads!

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