10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Ploughing

    1. Steph

      It’s an absolutely enormous convention tbf, sees tens of thousands of visitors. It has huge business and political ramifications. Showcases the most recent advances in farming technology which are really quite spectacular (and often have an impact on other industries) as well as being worth a fortune to farmers. Ireland’s trade in farming and animal husbandry is worth a significant percentage of our GDP. Horse trading alone is worth tens of billions.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Understood, and fair play to it, winning these fine credentials above. Shouldn’t the name be changed to an Agricultural Show? The visions conjured up are of a load of jolly farmers measuring furrow depths.

        1. Steph

          As a non-culchie with absolutely no farming background who once went to the Ploughing Championships I’d absolutely agree but at the same time I don’t think they give two cow pats what the rest of think it’s all about! I was very surprised at what was there. Quite interesting technology, particularly around animal husbandry that I reckon probably had a serious impact in human fertility treatment research. There’s bajillions in scientific research behind what gets displayed there.

      2. Kieran NYC

        “Horse trading alone is worth tens of billions.”

        Are there still tax breaks for that lucrative nonsense?

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