Broadsheet Trailer Park: Listen Up Philip



What you may need to know:

1. Philip is a self-absorbed writer awaiting the release of his second novel which he is convinced will be a hit. Bored with both his daily routine and his girlfriend, a meeting with his literary idol offers him a chance to escape the city for a while. Much comedic navel-gazing ensues.

2. The film has been doing the film festival rounds since Sundance in January. It’s going to the London Film Festival on October 9 before going on limited release in the US after securing a distributor back in June.

3. This is director Alex Ross Perry’s third feature and it focuses on middle aged regret, among other themes. Perry has just turned 30. Mmmmf.

4. Perry’s meandering film narrative, where the character focus changes for large periods of time, was inspired by William Gaddis’ novel The Recognitions.

5. Perry’s previous film The Colour Wheel (2011) was’s best undistributed film of 2011. Being undistributed is the new beard.

6. Jason Schwartzman was previously the drummer with the band Phantom Planet. Phantom Planet was responsible for some horrendous dancing on an episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch as well as the the ear assault that is ‘California’, the theme tune to teen-drama ‘The O.C.

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: Rushmore is middle aged.

Release Date: TBC

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