Modern Life Is Rubbish



Fine Gael Seanad candidate John McNulty resigns from the board of IMMA.

Mr McNulty runs a Mace store in Stranorlar and has managed two football teams in Kilcar.

He’s hiring.

He’s also looking forward to his election campaign.

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41 thoughts on “Modern Life Is Rubbish

  1. steve white

    so are they still going to use that as his qualification for the Seanad canditure, its right there on the form https:// media/ ByYQAToIMAAD-mG .png

    1. Mulch

      That’s what makes it so irritating. Its policy that he has to as he is now contesting for a Seanad seat, so he just used the IMMA as a springboard. But he references the IMMA job as a reason for candidature for the Seanad seat.

  2. Mulch

    In fairness, he’s contributed a lot to the IMMA board in the 12 seconds he was there.
    Anyone know if he even attended a meeting before resigning the position?!

    1. steve white

      he was appointed to the board on Friday 12th of September I spoke to company secretary yesterday who said he hadn’t been to a board meeting, so unless he was today then no.

      1. Mulch

        FFS, even if he did, he would be turning up to resign the same day he was due to start properly.
        How is this not cronyism? Come on FG, don’t piss on our backs and tell its raining.

  3. Kill The Poor

    He did powerful work while on the board, sure IMMA would probably no longer be with us if it wasn’t for his tireless efforts.

  4. Rep

    Regardless of his Seanad candidacy, why the hell was he appointed to the board of IMMA? What exactly would he bring? I kept seeing that he was a big supporter of the GAA in Donegal. What the flup does that have to do with modern art? Does he have an interest in modern art? Or art, for that matter.

    1. steve white

      50 is quite alot
      there are 551 member in total (I asked IMMA), so you can figure your chances for becoming a member of the board.

      415 IMMA Member – Individual €50
      78 IMMA Concession – Individual €30
      26 IMMA Family €100
      18 IMMA Supporter €150
      10 IMMA Benefactor €350
      4 IMMA Gold Benefactor €500

  5. Lilly

    This is disgusting. I have a friend who has done a ton of unpaid work in this area over several years. If anyone deserved to be appointed to the board of IMMA, he did. FG make me sick. At least with FF, what you see is what you get – corruption and cronyism. This shower promised change and accountability but they’ve turned out to be every bit as bad.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      “every bit as bad”

      I’m not convinced.

      FG always do the cleanup work after an FF long haul in government, it’s almost routine. Yes, FG too do some dodgy sh*t but they’re nowhere near the levels of FF as they’ve never been in govt long enough to do so.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          It’s not meant as one :)

          Just saying FG would have a lot of work to do to reach FF standards of corruption. I also imply that if FG were in for longer they may be as bad…. who knows.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yep, know a few also in this area too and that really angers me; the disregard for ability, competence and experience and blatant abuse of public appointment standards. They’ll still hire full-time Arts Co-ordinators on Job Bridge of course.

    1. gallantman

      Its all a piece of conceptual art. John Mc Nulty is shining a light on contemporary Irish politics in way no artist has done since W.B Yeats. Some people just don’t get modern art I guess. John Mc Nulty for next years Turner Prize-shoo-in.

      1. bisted

        …thanks steve…you seem to have a bit of an inside track here so I’m willing to have a small wager that an expenses claim is winging it’s way to IMMA as we speak….and maybe what the CoCouncillors call ‘disappointment money’.

  6. Lilly

    I must stop listening to the news for a few days. It makes me want to emigrate. But that’s what they want, the f*ckers. We have to collectively dig our heels in and root out the dross from political life.

  7. Mr. T.

    Can you imagine his input into choosing exhibitions and artists to show.

    I bet he has generic printed orange canvases all over his wine coloured walls, interspersed with pine and glass doors with wrought iron handles. Not to mention the unnecessarily winding driveway of broken hard core, not yet finished with tarmac, leading from two pillars holding plaster eagles.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Ah I dunno if he’s as modern as all that! He is from Donegal after all!

      Nice ‘patterns’ and three brass ducks flying along the wall.

  8. El Cuno

    I thought he could have added a lot to IMMA with his business background. They could have put in a Spar and maybe an area to inflate your tyres. Probably won’t happen now, shame.

  9. Outta me Bento Box

    Only long term members of the Irish “Arts Elite” should be on a museum board. If anyone outside of this circle is appointed it’s clearly cronyism. The IMMA can do what it likes with taxpayer funds and butt out of our business!!

    1. steve white

      let me fix that for you “Only long term members of the Irish “Arts Elite”” [and people who won’t have to resign because they are being elected to the Seanad) should be on a museum board.

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