23 thoughts on “What Way Is This To Lock A Bike?

  1. Jonny P

    I have heard this before, that a bike thief leaves a crap bike locked to your bike and a pole so you have to leave it there over night, then they come back with plenty of time and cover of darkness to steal your bike.

    1. The Good helen

      i’d be inclined to believe you, its not like you accidently lock you bike to another, its quiet obviously done on purpose. Either that or the person is a complete and utter moron!!!

      1. Tom Stewart

        In fairness Helen, I’ve heard of a number of people who have fallen for this exact trick.

        @Andy: if you don’t want to get burned call the staff of the staff of the car park/the Gardaí. Then let them know that you’re calling a locksmith to legitimately get your bike back. It’ll cost you, but at least you’re sure you won’t get burned.

        And about that thief/idiot who did it accidentally, to hell with him.

      2. Aoife

        Nope, it happened to me in the bike shed of the apartment I live in. Neighbour locked his bike to the wall through mine and didn’t unlock it for two days.
        You are right in saying he was an example of a complete and utter moron.

    2. munkifisht

      A very old scam. Find a Gaurd, tell them what you’re about to do (they be fully aware of this trick), then get a hacksaw and save your bike. The Guards can hold onto the other bike in lost property and ask whoever comes to claim it what the hell they were up to (or it can get back to its original owner)

    1. Royal M

      If it’s the wrong person, just take their diced body parts to the local Garda station and tell them that you did it in good faith.

  2. puddlerbobby

    lock broke, 2 bikes gone when I got home also another two bikes locked together at far end of the car park!

  3. Evenprime

    Get a hacksaw and cut through the frame of their bike. It’ll be easier than cutting the lock.
    If they’re a thief then feck them, if they’re not then they’re an idiot and feck them

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