What Do We Want?


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Scenes from the rally in Dublin this afternoon in favour of repealing the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution in favour of a more liberal law on a woman’s right to abortion facilities in Ireland.

Pics Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland and William Hederman

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73 thoughts on “What Do We Want?

  1. Starina

    the pink ladies were having a gas time, they really brought the atmosphere we all wanted.
    on the other hand, i was less impressed with the group in black with scarves covering their faces shouting stuff about civil war and oppression – similar vibe to the type who’d kick in mcdonalds windows in the name of anticapitalism. it’s a real issue, lads, not a fashion statement.

    1. Steve

      That was far from being a Black Bloc, just a crowd of friendly squatters and anarchists lending their support. No need to feel intimidated by them.

  2. Fergus O'Leprosy

    In the current climate you probably should expect the éirigi crew to show uo.
    They demean everything they attend, idiots.

    Anyway, I came here to congratulate the photographer.
    You captured the spirit.

    Well done.

    1. Eliot Rosewater

      They don’t demean things they attend (it would have to be a pretty inconsequential matter for that to be the case). I think everyone is aware that they will be attending whatever protest march is going, but that they will be a tiny, tiny percent of those there.

  3. Kieran NYC

    Still find that ‘Jesus in a box’ thing hilarious. What’s that supposed to be about in the middle of the main street in the capital?

    1. CousinJack

      To be fair he’s been in a box for almost 2000 years, may he rest in peace, a good man misunderstood.

    1. Odis

      Infairness, they probably feel the same way about you.
      However the lady with the sign that says, “My body is not a DEMOCRACY”. Hits the nail squarely, on the head.

      Whilst you might not be a fan of people who stand up for individual human rights, they are doing a great service, for apathetic keyboard warriors, such as myself.

        1. Jordofthejungle

          There’s no doubt a grim irony to your Youth Defence troll. Diddums

          Suffice it to say, one can easily content oneself with the knowledge that your life probably isn’t exactly filled with joy or ironically the most aesthetically pleasing of associates.

          Try harder next time.

    2. S

      Actually Banotti it was quite the opposite. At the march there were many types of women from different backgrounds and countries. There were tall women, short women, long haired women, short haired women. Women with green hair, women with grey hair. Pretty women, plain women. Mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters. Women who went to college, women who did not. So basically your comment means you are not “a fan”of ANY woman. Good luck with that!

  4. Miss Carroll

    And there’s a very particular type of person who would make a comment like that. Not a “fan” of these women: don’t protest with them.

        1. Banotti

          How did you feel protesting besides loads of women that basically said “F off men, it’s none of your business”?

          1. Nially

            I felt pretty good about protesting for a cause I believe in. It didn’t bother me in any way that men have been told at previous rallies to basically stay at the back and keep quiet, partially because I agree with that sentiment, mostly because I’m mature enough to realise that not every fupping issue has to centre around fupping men and our fupping feelings.

          2. Jordofthejungle

            Don’t you have anything better to do with your day than consult that Youth Defence trolling manual and choosing the most banal and irrational of mendacious mumblings?

            We’ve all seen it before. The only one you are fooling is yourself – and you’re not even doing that well. Sort your low-rent trolling out – liaise with ABM perhaps. Your days could take on a whole new meaning in grim
            reality and hypocrisy.

          3. Jordofthejungle

            Dear, if you’re going to troll at least do it well. This is squarely from the Youth Defence Mendacious Mumblings Manual circa 1997. You need to get the bile flowing, revel in your hypocrisy and avert your gaze to your own obvious grim reality.

          4. Banotti

            You have the most irritating style of posting. I’m not trolling here but if I was I’d consider it a resounding success given that you’ve replied to me four times.

          5. Jordofthejungle

            And you without an ounce of self-awareness have made the same irritatingly inane point four times about “those women”. Go hawk your hypocrisy somewhere else.

          6. lorcan nagle

            Amanda’s point in the ‘know your place’ speech was that there are too many men who use a serious women’s issue as some sort of playing piece in internet arguements. And you know, here we are.

            While I’m fully aware of the irony of being male and talking about abortion online right now, the point still stands.

          1. Steve

            Some feminine, some not. Jeez, the way you said that, it’d almost give the impression that you think feminine attributes are somehow a bad thing.

  5. Shane

    It’s high time the women if Ireland had the same rights as those in the uk.
    Deciding on an abortion is hard enough without the added stigma attached because of this countries outdated laws.
    Fair play to all that marched! My support is with you!

    1. Miss Carroll

      The UK regime is often pointed to as one should emulate. But I don’t agree. Abortions are permitted up to 24 weeks. 24 weeks is not allowed in many jurisdictions because of the potential physical impact it can have on the woman. What we should be aiming for is an efficient and easy-to-access regime that encourages early terminations, preferably through medication rather than surgery. As we do in other areas of healthcare. Obviously Irish women are more likely to have later terminations because of the need to save up money, travel etc. Which is really really a bad thing on many levels.

  6. Sidewinder

    Any person with an ounce of sense knows that the ban on abortion here does eff all to reduce the number of abortions. Hell we pretty much have only 3 successfully prevented abortions on record – one cancer patient forced to give birth to a baby who then died before she died herself, one woman miscarrying who then went into septic shock and died, one rape victim force fed and coerced into a c-section delivery of a premie with a 30% chance of a normal life.

    Good work Youth Defence. Maybe you might concentrate on preventing unwanted pregnancy instead of preventing abortion by campaigning for better sex ed and better access to birth control.

  7. Dubloony

    We need to find a way for women to tell their own experiences. Its easy to make generalisations if you are unaware of anyone who has actually had an abortion.
    Its more complex, nuanced than than usual debate allows.

    We never ask why women choose this, so we never make any social changes that would minimise those “travelling”. There are social, medical, financial, support reasons why women take this option.
    Some can be addressed (but as a country we choose to ignore), some can’t (which we choose to ignore)
    We need to respect the fact that in a given set of circumstances, women believe that this is the best option at a point in time of their life. Its not up to anyone else to sit in judgement in that.

  8. Skeptical O'Hare


    That I understand. Well done.

    1. Sidewinder

      As in it shouldn’t be up to the vatican or the high/supreme court to make medical decisions for pregnant women.

      1. Odis

        I think the argument here, is one of comma placement. It should have read – “Neither pope nor judge, women decide.

    1. Banotti

      It would be trolling if it happened on some pro choice forum but there is no political consensus here despite the views of some.

          1. Atlas




            Now now, there’s no denying you were a full and enthusiastic participant in the sanctimonious circlejerking/witch-huntery in this thread. I was taking the piss out of all of you sensitive sallys who cry ‘troll!’, ‘failed person!’ etc when an unacceptable opinion is encountered.

            How come you get to call people gobshites without your comments getting deleted? Blatant favouritism from the mods… that’s it, I’m putting my ad-blocker back on for Broadsheet.ie. They asked for it.

          2. Jordofthejungle

            Please. The base hypocrisy of Banotti dishonestly mocking “those women” by employing barely concealed personalised invective is of course a contrary opinion deserving of respect though? There is inevitably a grim reality to those who resort to the steerage class of intellectual debate to make their point and such blatant buffoonery is deservedly met with language and home truths they can understand.

          3. Sidewinder

            Banotto voiced no opinion excepting an arrogant generalisation which was rightly met with derision. This was then followed by the usual tired out “no-one would f*ck her anyway” type comment which was also met with derision. Such lazy misogyny is undeserving of respect. Aside from declaring himself pro-choice (a stance you’ll note that does not in fact differ from that of most people here) he did not once make a relevant comment on the issue at hand.

    2. Medium Sized C

      You get an opinion, not freedom to express it without criticism.

      If you opinion boils down to “Mouthy bitches should shut up, sure they’ll never get a ride on account that they don’t know their place”, in response to a post about an abortion rights protest, 99% of the time you’re gonna be trolling.

  9. Steve

    This was a great demo. Massive turnout and a great positive vibe off the whole thing. Well done to the organisers and everyone who showed up!!

  10. Squirrel

    Delighted to be part of this march as a man. There were plenty of men at the march. I’ve been personally effected by the issue but am delighted to see all the women at the front. It effects them much more than I can ever be effected. Also the women at the front of the march are there because they are the ones who set up the abortion rights campaign, they do most of the work and they are proud that this is a woman led campaign. They actively encourage men to get involved too. ARC has never stated men should take a back seat.

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