Is This Your Thing?



Recognise it?

It’s a thing that does a thing.

Maurice writes:

“An engineer who works with me left this piece of equipment on the footpath near St. Stephens Green {Dublin] last Thursday evening after completing a site visit. It is called an inclinometer and is used to record deflections in retaining walls and slopes.
He left it on the footpath when putting the rest of his stuff in the boot of his car and drove off without it, only realising it over the weekend when he went to take it out of the car.
He got in contact with DCC and it was spotted by the street cleaning crew at about 9 on Thursday but they never picked it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it will cost almost €7k to replace it!!”


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9 thoughts on “Is This Your Thing?

  1. Mr. T.

    What else was he packing in this boot that made him forget a large yellow object, a ten legged epileptic on crack?

  2. Rob

    5 1/2 k and it’s yours. Nice unmarked bills, call anyone and it goes to the ethnic minority that strip ’em for copper. You have 12hrs

  3. goingunderground

    Would bet anything that’s sitting on the floor in a flat in Cuffee Street, York Street or Digges Street. Print out some photos of it and head into each complex. Hand out the photos to the little tykes circling you on their BMXs, tell them you’ll be in pub across the street for 30 minutes, first to bring it to you gets €200. You’ll have it back in minutes.

  4. Bobby Rwanda

    Sake, Broadsheet. Three lost and found posts in as many hours. If I wanted to browse missing property, I’d go to Store Street Garda Station. More actual content plz.

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