L-r: Rob Jones (Missing Andy), Jason Kavanagh (Genius Footwear) and Alex Greaves (Missing Andy) at the Genius Footwear first birthday ‘hooley’.

Or boots.

Barry writes:

“Last week Genius in Exchequer St, Dublin celebrated their first birthday. They had a hooley in the shop and a UK band called Missing Andy played and we all had a great time.
Anyway, enough of what I did last Thursday, here’s the pitch. We have a pair of Base London shoes or boots to giveaway. They are priced from about €110 to €140 and the winner can pick any shoes or boots that they like!! The best caption for the photo above wins the shoes/boots…”

Lines stay open until Midnight.


85 thoughts on “Win His Shoes

  1. G_A

    “The moustache wax hardened, the 2 men took hold and with the power of denim and leather, proceeded to lift the bearded messiah up off the ground. Then the sky bled and the seas boiled.”

  2. pmc

    “The year is 1975. A young Senator David Norris convinces the lads that his facial hair is, in fact, real. He will never be seen clean-shaven again.”

  3. Mossy

    “Sure, the moustache didn’t quite match that of Albert Einsteins, but he did show some amount of Genius by shopping in this particular store”

  4. nevan

    So mustache pulling has no effect on you, eh? Then it’s time for the finger! Now tell me, WHERE DID YOU HIDE MY PENNY FARTHING??

  5. Mick Flavin

    You know how to whistle, don’t you Jason? You just get two blokes to draw aside your ridiculous moustache, and blow.

  6. Mulch

    Assets Models Photocall; Genius Footwear Birthday Bash
    Keith Duffy inspects Brian Kennedy’s latest efforts at being down with the kids, whilst Alex from Missing Andy shows him just how small his knob really is.

  7. SB

    We can tell what he had for lunch by picking the crumbs out of his whiskers


    I don’t mean to nitpick, but this beard is lousy!

  8. Damian

    The members of Missing Andy thought the joke was “pull my finger” but this was just ridiculous. Judging by the face of Rob as Jason followed through on this one.

  9. Liam Hennessy

    When Jason said his nee boots made him feel like he walking on air, we didn’t think he meant literally!

  10. Rusty Donn

    ‘Man caught in act of Sabot- tache’ sabotage being the shoes worn by French peasants who flung them into machinery during the Industrial Revolution to break the machines from which we get sabotage…. Lookit I think its funny…

  11. Rusty Donn

    Sorry that should read sabot being the shoes worn by French peasants… Am I reduced to this? Dredging up 18th century French footwear as it relates to the industrial revolution in a feeble attempt to get a new pair of brogues… Seriously… That said, I REALLY need a new pair of shoes…

  12. bobsyerauntie

    “In the year of ‘peak beard’, these crazy hipsters attempt to pull off their friend’s moustache”

  13. schweddy

    Beard specialists Missing Andy get to grips with the Genius party-on-the-face of Mr Jason Kavanagh. No beard was harmed in the taking of this photograph.

  14. S Gill

    Straight laced Jones & Greaves: “We moustache you if your moustache is real?”
    Kavanagh: “I’m a frayed knot, but if it ain’t brogue, don’t fix it.”
    Straight laced Jones & Greaves:“Ah, StilettoUs know when they’re Birk-en-stock…”
    Kavanagh: “Geni-Us men sure do like a good pun. A toes to the winner! End of Coverse-ation. Sole long, see ya leather.”

  15. I very much like free shoes

    This hot hipster tragically lost both his arms, leaving him facing a horrific fate filled with fuzzy face. His mates twirled his tash, but you won’t believe what they did next to “Give him a hand”…

  16. Mark Leonard

    Considering them guys an’t so Bootylicious and I look like puss in boots – I clearly deserve the boots

  17. AhHereLeaveItOut

    ‘Three idiots who don’t know how to buy clothes which actually fit are spotted in over-priced, pretentious Dublin shoe shop.’

    The End.

  18. Eoin McNamara

    T’was the week before October,
    And and all through the land,
    People tipsy and sober,
    Turned up for the band.

    “Who are they?” one said,
    “Where do they get their shoes?”
    From Genius it was shouted,
    Broadsheet broke the news.

    A mustache was the star
    Of the hooley that night,
    And the two rogues that twirled it,
    Went home high as a kite!

    There’s shoes up for grabs,
    From Base London no less,
    I could do with a new pair,
    I need some finesse!

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