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Genius Footwear mogul Jason Kavanagh (centre) with Alex (left) and Rob of Missing Andy.

A pair of shoes/boots from Genius, Exchequer Street, Dublin (worth up to €120) was up for ‘grabs’ to the wittiest caption to accompany the above image.

You answered in your dozens.

Runners up

Dav: “Does it come in a 12?”

G_A: “The moustache wax hardened, the two men took hold and with the power of denim and leather, proceeded to lift the bearded messiah up off the ground. Then the sky bled and the seas boiled.”

qwerty: “Elaborate canine smuggling attempt foiled – the dog has been returned to its overjoyed owner.”

nevan: “So moustache pulling has no affect on you, eh? Then it’s time for the finger! Now tell me, WHERE DID YOU HIDE MY PENNY FARTHING??”

Mark: “I saw my Granny tune in a radio once, I’m pretty sure this is what you do”

Mick Flavin: “You know how to whistle, don’t you Jason? You just get two blokes to draw aside your ridiculous moustache, and blow.”

Mike Dublin: “I mustache to Genius for my new shoes.”

Ahjayziz: “The pubic lice. They’ve adapted.”

And the winner…

bertie blenkinsop: “So George Clooney’s bride isn’t the only beard to hit the headlines this week…”

Thanks all

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14 thoughts on “Genius Captions

  1. Madouveh on the Dole

    Here’s a caption: ‘Our clothes are sh*t and only worn by other losers in their 30’s who havent got them memo about denim on denim or wearing chains on our jeans.’

    1. trobuff

      I don’t know these people, and their style wouldn’t be for me, but why do you feel the need to mock them? They can do whatever they like, wear what they like and give away as many shoe as they like. You can’t even claim to have lost the contest, because you didn’t enter. You just sound like an unneccesarily horrible person. A YouTubey, horrible person. Go outside.

        1. trobuff

          Yeah…. I know…. I suppose I expect an altogether different class of mockery on Broadsheet. The faux-venomous kind. The kind that knows it’s unreasonable.

          But no.

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