Looking For My Brothers




Marie Quinn has made a renewed appeal last night on her Facebook for the public to help her track down her two brothers.

Marie’s mother, Helen, had two boys in mother and baby homes before leaving for Liverpool where she got married and had two more children.

Marie told the Irish Mirror on September 9:

“My mum got pregnant out of wedlock in the 60s and they put her in the mother-and-baby homes. I know she was in St Patrick’s on the Navan Road and she also mentioned Dunboyne. She never kept the fact I had two brothers a secret from me – she told us they were adopted and was very open about it. After the youngest child she fled to Liverpool. She met my dad and had my brother and me. She always wanted to search for the boys but wasn’t allowed at the time.”

Woman appeals for help in finding long lost brothers to fulfil mother’s dying wish (Irish Mirror)


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12 thoughts on “Looking For My Brothers

  1. eamonn clancy

    Seriously, is it wrong that we should ask what the actual f was the mother up to? Once is understandable, but to hand over a second baby 3 years later. That needs to be challenged.

    1. 2oomy

      ….I don’t think it would be such a bad idea to ask what was the mother up to as long as we would also ask the father, as I am sure those weren’t immaculate conceptions

        1. well

          Mary was from a part of the world where it was then and still is normal to bury someone in rocks for having sex outside of marriage.

          You cant really blame her for lying to save her life. She went big.

    2. Nikkeboentje

      You have no idea of the circumstances surrounding how she got pregnant, it could have been rape and/or incest.

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    Hmm. I wonder about this. I know it’s all terribly sad but now it’s pretty easy to work out who these people are: maybe they won’t want to meet/didn’t know they were adopted etc etc.
    Surely there’s a more subtle way of doing this?

    1. Atticus

      Lots of people are born on those dates. Most people don’t know the hospital you’re born in. The names are easily changed.

      Pretty easy? If only…

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