On A Wing And No Prayer



A multi-denominational, co-educational, child-centred and democratically-run 2nd level school?

In Galway?

Have you been drinking?

Susan McGrady writes:

“We have entered this video promoting our campaign in the Better Together competition. We believe that if we can achieve a very high number of votes for this video (or perhaps even win!) we can use this as further evidence of how much support there is for an Educate Together second-level school in Galway….”


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25 thoughts on “On A Wing And No Prayer

    1. Mani

      I fear you have confused us with the UK. At the likes of the Educate Together calling out ‘Oisin’ is the equivalent of crying ‘Mohammad’ on a busy street in Cairo.

  1. bisted

    ….multi-denominational is not non-denominational…in fact it usually results in even more religious nut jobs stalking the corridors.

    1. ShankillFalls

      Absolute rubbish. There is no faith formation during school hours in Educate Together schools and no “religious nutjobs” in any of the corridors.

  2. Rob

    What is the opposite? I went to a catholic school with kids from other religions what is this “Democratically run ” stuff mean?

    1. gallantman

      The opposite of “Educate Together” is our usual “Educate Apart” model-
      -Genders kept separate-preparing you for the real world, if you spend your life in a prison that is.
      -One religion dominates, insidiously, so all others feel alienated…
      -Classes kept quarantined by fee structures.

  3. isintheair

    When I grow up I want to be a middle-class leftie bleeding for people on Facebook and Twitter.

    They wouldn’t understand that at such a young age.

  4. downtowntrain

    Where are the non denominational schools? It’ll be special measures before you can say Islam Together, Joe!

  5. Drogg

    Wow the trolls aren’t even making an effort anymore when you read comments like “I want to be a middle-class leftie bleeding for people on Facebook and Twitter.”

  6. Ultach

    I’ll be predictable, as usual, and call for more comprehensive gaelscoileanna, the only truly all-inclusive education model. English-only monolingual education is so exclusive. I mean, only one language. *battens down hatches and waits for onslaught*

  7. beerd

    Ehhhhhhhh, multi-denominational is not non-demoninational. It means instead of focussing on one religion they focus on more than one. Rather than it being a secular school.

    Though it depends on the quality of the board of management. I didn’t realise the difference until I heard from a parent at one where at school events they had faith leaders of all the religions to each in turn give prayer and stage time for each of the religions.

    So instead of no prayer you get prayer and ritual from each of the religions at every opportunity.

    1. ShankillFalls

      Not at an Educate Together school. If this occurred at all then I would guess it was at one of the Community National Schools.

  8. Paolo

    I and my three brothers went to my local school. My parents participated directly in funding the build of the school and the development of the sports teams. I live in the school’s catchment area and my children are nearing school age. Neither of them are likely to get in thanks to new policies that are supposedly more “democratic”. People with zero connection to the school (and who couldn’t care less about it) will be able to send their children there.

    Democracy fails again.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      But surely need for education and living nearby should be the reasons children get into a school, rather than “mammy went there”?
      It would be nice if Ireland’s education system was based at what works best in the world, like Finland’s, where it’s utterly egalitarian, and the teachers are chosen for training from the top 10% of graduates. (In proper subjects.)
      I’d send my kid to a multi-denim by preference over an ultra-Catholic school, and to a Gaelscoil over either, all other things being equal.

      1. Paolo

        I am in the catchment area. I’m saying that my additional connection to the school (through 2 generations) means nothing but I think it should mean something.

      2. Drogg

        My and I family are atheists, but we will send our kids to multi denominational school because understand other people beliefs will help them navigate the world so much better. Even things like art have so much connection with religion it is good to understand the religions that birthed such wonderful art and also i think it will help my kids understand the insane conflicts that are cause by peoples beliefs and how dogmatic belief causes nothing but harm.

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