44 thoughts on “Classic Benz Parking

  1. Mr. P

    This has been done so no other car will park beside it and touch the precious classic Benz..
    The parker of this car is a dick.

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      Also, if they parked beside the wall and another car parked beside them, they’d have a horrid time trying to get out while driving a 16ft long Panzer with no power steering

  2. the good helen

    Doesnt’ really look like there is space in fairness for 2 cars, not with a bit of a gab between to open doors anyhow.

  3. Rich

    ah leave him alone, he’s only popping into the bank to collect his dead brothers diamonds, then back to brazil

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      On the other hand, wikipedia says:

      “ZV”, which can be selected as an alternative to the current scheme when registering a vehicle older than 30 years for the first time in Ireland.”

    2. Mr. T.

      According my vintage car owning neighbour….

      ZV was never used as a two letter code before the change in 1987. ZV was only used as e.g. AZV 123 in Dublin around 1986. It’s now used as an option for vintage vehicles and not specific to a year or county. But Irish civil servants being what they are they failed to factor in what would happen when they got to ZV 9999. They need to free up more unused codes because old plates were never more than 6 digits. ZV 54 321 looks crap and 60-D-120001 looks even worse!

  4. Sparky

    Pretty sure it’s an offence to take photos inside the courts complex (hence all the camera men always waiting outside,,,)

  5. Aislingdreamsof

    I saw this exact car in Wicklow at the weekend. It’s actually stunning in the ‘flesh’.
    And the parking was better.

  6. Brian S

    People who call people who park like this dicks have never owned a nice car. Unfortunately in Ireland people by and large don’t give a shit about their cars and will throw the door open without thinking or caring what happens, I’ve seen it happen numerous times,and had it happen to me when I had a bigger car. Modern cars are getting bigger and old cars always were and even new car parks would only comfortably accommodate a 60’s mini with room to open the doors fully with out hitting the car beside.

    I don’t see an issue with taking 2 spots up, if you can use a part of a car park that is empty then fine but if not, and it’s the only way to stop someone put a dent in your old/expensive car that you have spent hard earned money on and obviously care about then I have no problem with that.

    1. isallimsaying

      And I’ve no problem with throwing me feet over the seat in front to secure a better view in the theatre.

      And I’ve no problem taking up two seats on an aeroplane cos I’ve a big arse.

      Might as well take two bottles of wine in Tescos tonite. Just pay for the one, mind.

      You’re a bit naive, Mr S.

      1. Brian S

        Hang on. Are you equating theft from a supermarket to using 2 spaces in a car park? That’s the second most idiotic thing I’ve read this morning. I was in the journal earlier so you were pipped to the post there. Sorry.

        1. isallimsaying

          Yes. Actually.

          You pay for one space. Who gives you the authority to take a second space? What would you say to the customer who arrives into a full carpark? I suppose disabled spaces are fair game too…

          1. Brian S

            I didn’t say anything about paying for a space. I go into tesco. Half the car park is empty. I park in 2 spots a few cars down from someone else. I do this because in the past I’ve seen people swing their car doors open with pure abandon and complete lack of respect for other people’s property. I do this because I’ve had to have car doors repaired and repainted in the past because of people doing this to my car

            So where pray tell is the stealing in this scenario.

            Go back to the journal comments section. It’s seems much better suited to your level of intelligence

          1. Brian S

            That’ll be thejournal.ie where stupid people go talk about not paying the water charge when they’ve finished their copy of the daily mail

            Seems to be bang on your level of intelligence and understanding

    2. Drogg

      Statistically modern cars are getting smaller and car parking spaces no matter how big could never accommodate any car even a mini opening its doors fully. I am a car enthusiast and think your argument is nonsense the only people who need bigger spaces are the disabled, parents with kids and pregnant women after that you are all on your own.

      1. zeno

        Old people need bigger spaces as the feck the door open and bash whatever is parked in the next space. I have to run around and open the door for the mother-in-law. Not because I am being nice and polite but to stop her bashing cars.

  7. Ha

    This belongs to a judge. Who decides whether or not to blank out license plates on broadsheet these days?

    1. Cormac Clancy

      NOT a judges car!
      Belongs to one of the caterers in the Four Courts complex – lovingly kept. The car park is pretty empty this morning, this car is usually parked in another spot.

  8. Mulch

    1964 220SE i believe. Another angle would help.

    I’m normally right there with you on giving crappy drivers shit about parking, but it is a nice car.
    No justifying, just saying..

  9. Mr. T.

    It’s about 30 years too old to be a Gestapo car. You Broadsheet children.

    Really nice car and I could forgive the owner for using two spaces if there are plenty more around.

  10. Mike Baldwin

    With you Brian S.
    Sick to death of careless people flinging their doors open with no regard for the car alongside. I’ve had people, and, I’m going to be hung for this, but primarily women, admittedly perhaps flustered by kids, do this whilst I’m sitting in the car and not even attempt to apologise. I’m lucky to drive an expensive and fairly uncommon car, and I take real pride in ensuring it holds it’s value. PDR on doors panels and/or spray matching if required can run into €1000’s depending on whether the door is carbon or aluminium. So I’m essentially paying for the laziness, carelessness of others?
    So? I will park in the furthest spot away from the doors at a Tesco (I’m not too lazy to walk a bit further to ensure I’m not returning to an ‘on-crease’ dent (the most expensive to remove) on my door. If I have to park beside another car and I spot a kid’s car seat in the back of it?: I will find another spot, preferably beside a relatively new car. And if all else fails, and I’m not going to be gone for hours, I’ll occupy 2 spots.
    Finally, I chased someone for 3 months (they were particularly rude and dismissive when I pointed out the damage they had just caused to the door of a previous car, otherwise I would have let it go with reluctance) and extracted €800 from their insurance company to undo what they had done,

    1. Brian S

      Exactly. 90% of people just drive a piece of metal to ferry the kids to school and do the shopping. If I spend €50k on a car why the hell should I fork out €1000+ every time someone parks their car too close to mine and throws the door open.

      As a side, what if I spend a €1000 on a car that I worked my ass off to buy, I keep it in good condition and spend money maintaining it. Why should I pay €1000+ repairing someone else’s ignorance.

      1. scottser

        although, if the car park were full and you were parked like this, i’d laugh if someone keyed your car.

        1. Brian S

          I’d laugh when they were caught on cctv doing it and were convicted of causing criminal damage.

  11. charles charlie charles

    Bigger cars need more space than some parking bays allow. why are you not writing this down.

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