37 thoughts on “Young Turkeys Run Free

  1. Alfred E. Neumann

    So he wants people to vote purely out of financial self-interest? A Fianna Fáil heart.

  2. Reegore

    Gwan the students. At least they can see the bigger picture.

    The future may not be so bleak after all. Outside of the noggin that is.

  3. sheesh

    For law society debates, you vote for the best argued motion rather than your personal opinion, no?

      1. Del McG

        Indeed. And he seems to have conveniently left out anything even remotely approaching context when decrying their decision to vote against the motion. A reasoned debate amongst two sides of the argument is not exactly the same thing as a school hall full of people whipped up into a frenzy by what was undoubtedly a panel of local politicians acting with only one agenda in mind.

        1. KnowItAll

          Exactly. With that disingenuous attitude it’s easy to see why he lost a formal debate with supposedly intelligent and reasonable people.

  4. Atlas

    Free third level fees only benefit the middle classes anyway, and the kind of people that would vote for the People Before Profit types wouldn’t have a college education to begin with. Mr. Gill is probably best off staying in the ‘Noggin.

      1. KnowItAll

        More like the 1990’s when free fees were introduced and there followed no statistically significant increase in the number of people from working class backgrounds attending third level.

        1. pedeyw

          So tackle why there is no appetite for third level education from poverty stricken areas, don’t just throw your hands up in the air, say it didn’t work, and permanently lock low income families out.

          1. KnowItAll

            It starts at home I’m afraid. It continues in primary and secondary. I went to a mixed socioeconomic background school and there was a clear difference in attitude to third level between those who lived around the school and those who travelled from the surrounding areas. That difference in attitude was borne out in the outcomes.

  5. Amadan

    The sponsor’s banner in the background says it all! They’ll fight for free education when Matheson fights for free legal services.

    1. Del McG

      It’s the Law Soc. They’ve always been sponsored by law firms. Plus, how do you know Matheson’s don’t do pro bono work? (awaits stock U2 joke)

  6. thewoodedclaw

    Why do Law Societies no longer debate matters of law? Why do philosophical societies no longer debate matters of philosophy? Why do historical societies no longer debate matters of history? It seems to me students are very badly served by clubs and socs these days.

    Incidentally, it rather seems last night was little more than a Fine Gael circle jerk, but then plus ca change.

  7. Ronan

    In schools and college debates – is the vote not more on the quality of the different debating teams rather than the topic being debated? Did they not vote that the team who argued against free education were the better debaters? Often the team members are arguing against their own beliefs.

    1. Just sayin'

      Its all good practice for terrible clever types to argue for things they don’t believe in, safe in the knowledge that they’ll some day be very well paid for it. Debating societies attract the worst kind of sophists.

      1. Loony Loo

        Debating societies are training grounds for lawyers and politicians. The ability to argue against your conscience is core to those professions.

          1. Loony Loo

            It eats at the soul to betray your conscience. Hence souless politicians and lawyers wondering the streets.

  8. Loony Loo

    Free student fees are soooooooooo important, coupled with the points system.

    I never would have gotten my education without them.

    I was so poor I had to have two jobs in college just to keep up with the socializing habits of my mates, and I got the grant too!

    1. KnowItAll

      No grant. Full fees. 4 jobs. I win the misery competition on this particular thread. Now I’m back to study.

      1. KnowItAll

        And I don’t try to keep up with the socialising habits of my mates because that’s not important.

      2. Loony Loo

        Dude seriously I feel for ye.

        But eh, I lived in a caravan and went to Trinity.

        I made great friends and had ball, but no one knew I lived in a caravan.

        I see you, and raise you one caravan.

        1. KnowItAll

          Okay you win. If that’s true then a sincere well done to you, because that’s some achievement.

          1. Loony Loo

            It is, and I had a few more aces in my hand too. It will be in my book if I ever make something of myself.

    1. bisted

      …he doesn’t seem to understand the notion of elitism either …ffs….free education, wha?

  9. Paul Davis

    What happened in Karl Gill ‘s life that becoming a People Before Profit councillor became the best option?

    Must of been fairly grim…

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