24 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. ThePeoplesHero

    In fairness, it’d be awesome if there actually was such a plague…. It’d certainly shake things up a bit for sure….

  2. Jim Computer

    Leo Burdocks!
    My smoked-cod and chips was supposed to be…

    …oh, here he is now.

    Cheers Leo!

  3. Jim Computer

    What’s going on Leo?
    I found chips underneath me fish, which kinda makes a joke of your policy of wrapping everything separately.
    -Don’t get me wrong…they were lovely, but missing the salt and vinegar I would’ve saturated them in.

    Hang on a minute, I’m eating…

  4. blueswannabe

    WTF Daily Star, it’s not like there’s a Major War in the Middle East, Economic Turmoil, a new Cold War going on that you could cover or anything?!

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