21 thoughts on “Qualifying For Europe

    1. Wayne.F

      No name change always the Holy See, at the UN Vatican City is the location but the state has always been Holy See.

      Funny did BS not notice Malta!

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        But it’s the ecclesiastical term. I would have thought that for statistical purposes the State name would be used.

        1. Wayne.F

          Nope, Vatican City has only existed since 1929, & the Lateran treaty, the Holy See acts as thee official diplomatic representation for the church, papal nuncios, and ambassadors are all accredited to the Holy See. This should help


      1. The Old Boy

        Yep, no on demand abortion in the UK in law. Practice is that literally (in its traditional meaning) any socio-economic factor can justify it.

  1. Milkteeth

    I was going to say that. I’m not sure what “request” means but you can’t just request one in the UK. Docotors have to think it would be worse for your phisical or mental health to go ahead. But maybe “request” means you can ask for one as oposed to have to be prescribed one? Seems an odd option.

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