27 thoughts on “Red Line Scrape Rumpus

  1. Davey T

    The body language on the guy in the black shirt says it all:

    “Thats the last time im leaving her drive”

      1. Davey T

        to be fair, his body language says that hes not a pedant, and when your missus is just after crashing into a Luas, the last thing you need is someone correcting your grammar

  2. Ferret McGruber

    Who told you to delete the photo? There is NO law forbidding anyone from taking a photo in a public place.

      1. Amadan

        I have actually had to deal with one of those loons, who maintained that he owned the copyright in any photograph that showed his face.

        1. Norbet Cooper

          If you take the photo you own the copyright. A consent form needs to be signed for using peoples images commercially. ie ads,promos etc, not news

      2. munkifisht

        Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. OP has it right, any picture taken in a public place is your property. Nobody has some special right over their “public image” being taken or published in a public place. This includes on public transport, at festivals/gigs etc. Now I think there may be some caveat that you cannot stand outside someones house taking photos in the windows with a telephoto lens because this is obviously a different thing, but also have to say, I think what you’re saying about a “sovereign” vehicle is total b**lshit. Where are ye pulling that from?

        1. munkifisht

          Unless this is (as I think it is and I’m a fupping moron) some social comment on the water charges thing. Sorry dude

        2. well

          oh im just taking the piss, however i have seen some of these “freemen” on the land arguing against car tax too lately… lol

          1. pedeyw

            Oh, that car tax one is ridiculous:
            “just tax petrol man, that way only drivers pay”,
            “But won’t that push up the prices of everything since most goods are transported in trucks or by diesel powered trains?”
            “yeah but like…road tax is bad…”

          2. pedeyw

            Also by only drivers I meant people who use the road more. Which kind of makes me an idiot too. Dagnammit.

        3. Milkteeth

          A festival is not a public space, you will normally find that festival promoters retain rights over any photography taken at their events. Not that they enforce it for the photos of you and your mates in the crowd. [/pedant]

          1. Owen

            They can allow or refuse photography, but they don’t own the copyright of every photo taken at a festival.

        4. smoothlikemurphys

          Correct – it’s fair game unless there is a ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’, i.e. in your back garden or through your windows, etc.

    1. pissedasanewt

      not illegal, but annoying. Imagine walking down the street and somebody just takes a picture of you and says “this is going up on broadsheets – classic man on street picture”..

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Who told you to delete your photo? I’d delete their eyes if somebody told me to do that.

  4. Scraib

    Did that car drive on the luas lines illegally… it doesn’t look like there’s any road markings there.

  5. Sycamoreal

    Could it be the cyclist who dropped his notepad as he was cycling across the Samuel Beckett Bridge [Dublin] this morning.

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