A Massive Prick


pee2 From left: Sculptor Richard Enda King, Councillor Seán Walsh and Pádraig Flynn

On this day in 1989, Minister for the Environment Pádraig Flynn unveiled a new sculpture ‘Spirit of The Air’ to be installed at Dublin Airport.

1989 was the same year developer Tom Gilmartin wrote a cheque for £50,000 as a donation to Fianna Fáil as suggested by Pádraig Flynn. The cheque never made it to Fianna Fáil HQ and was subsequently discovered by the Mahon tribunal that it was used to buy a 100-acre farm in north Mayo by Mr Flynn’s wife, Dorothy.

He was then made our European Commissioner.

Good times.

Watch here.

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10 thoughts on “A Massive Prick

  1. Nessy

    In-line with the water protest chants and general day to day profanities:

    From the airport to the sea, Fianna Fáil can kiss my g**

    It’s no wonder the country is screwed…

    1. Nigel

      People who think that profane language is why this country is screwed is why this country is screwed.

      1. Chuckenstein

        That was the particular line that made we want to knock the piss out of him. The look of disgust among the audience said it all

        1. Kieran NYC

          The fact that he ruined his own career, reputation was just perfection. No one to blame but himself. Delighted.

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