28 thoughts on “Dring Zing

  1. William H Gross

    was shocked recently when i asked my mother to send me an address of her friend to send a card too and she opened the phone book to find the address. then proceeded to write it out on the back of an envelope. i nearly fell off my seat.

  2. aoh

    Agreed. They come in the front door and go out the back door into the green bin. Haven’t opened one in years – waste of paper, ink, time, fuel and money

    1. Eoghany

      Fine, but what % of the population don’t have internet? Small id say. So, rather than send one out to every household in the country, at huge expense, why not just send it out just to those who want it…? Because that would make far too much sense, that’s why. It’s a ridiculous system.

  3. Kevin

    They are pretty much obsolete. Even the round in the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ where they rip telephone books in half has been retired.

  4. Mark

    Get a big old bath and put it on top of the water point. Get in, and have a bath. Let them drag you out of it on camera – instant world-wide coverage.

  5. Drogg

    No wonder we are such an environmentally unfriendly country when we waste millions on this needless crap.

  6. Columbo's Missus

    Because work don’t allow internet access and I’ve no other way of looking up phone numbers (other than using my own phone, but, feck that)

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