The Glorious Fun Revolution



Scenes from a protest in Ayrfield, Dublin 13 yesterday

An anonymous poster on the Dublin Says No Facebook page suggests:

“Hi there,

“Not entirely sure of the legalities of this idea so don’t want to post it publicly, plus dont’ want my name out there publicly yet. Perhaps one of you might know and ye will share this on your main page. Instead of the residents standing around (and being attacked by guards) why not have a spontaneous community coffee morning, all the garden tables out onto the road? A street fiesta! Then a game of road bowling, followed by some nostaligic games of kerbs, hopscotch, chalk drawing on the road. Get the kids involved and use it as an opportunity to teach them the old games and do some community bonding?! Get an almost party atmosphere going – should confuse the Irish Water lads and the guards somewhat! ‘Tis going to look bad for them coming down to break up a teddy bears’ picnic!”

“We need to be innovative in our demo approaches, the same old things dont work anymore. “The world is protesting at the moment, Hong Kong is out with umbrellas, let the Irish get dressed up in fancy dress (Halloween is coming) and have a party. Don’t just shout hands up, get the song going, possibly the music from a phone, ”get your hands up in the air, hands up in thee air…… woop woop”, the ravers will be out in force, heck spontaneous break dancing might occur.”

“Just a though, what dja all think? It seems the community is joining together, build on this – why not use it towards something positive? From negative, positive can come. Look towards Ferrybank, they have been having knitting and [having] dress-making classes out on the road, community lunches, etc., and it’s working – the community has bonded and grown more than any community development work could ever do. Many thanks and best of luck in the coming weeks.”


Dublin Says No

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34 thoughts on “The Glorious Fun Revolution

  1. Pretendgineer

    I was completely behind the idea until ‘get the song going, possibly the music from a phone, ”get your hands up in the air, hands up in thee air…… woop woop”, the ravers will be out in force, heck spontaneous break dancing might occur.’


      1. Bobby

        Hi, I disagree with you. therefore you have clearly been hired by Fianna Fail to post on internet sites.

      2. rotide

        It’s the new growth area

        We should be thankful. The money paid to Israeli/FG/FF/Pro Life/Iona trolls merely to post on broadsheet is dragging us out of the recession.

  2. H

    Have the protesters tried just burying the meters in cement or concrete? Allegedly the French had to roll back on the use of clamps after people started sabotaging them en masse. I like to think that if a band of protesters managed to fill all the holes the government would get the message, sadly though this would probably cost the taxpayer more than it would be worth.

  3. Paolo

    Great idea but I think many of the “protesters” are there because they want things to kick off.

  4. rugbyfan

    token hoodie wearing protester in background!
    Lovely matching trackie bottoms too…..


      1. rugbyfan

        FF actually……they have their problems and caused a few but would never be FG.
        who ever is in charge this country is goosed!

  5. Alfred E. Neumann

    This is a good idea. Every time some batter-fed troglodyte yowls at a Garda, the protests look more like thuggery and less like a cause. Making them family events will achieve something, even when sense eventually prevails.

  6. Mister Mister

    Bwah hah hah hah. “Gardai attacking protesters”. Just when you think you’ve seen a new level of stupidity.

  7. zeno

    How would this work? Surely the kids are all in school and most people are out at work while Irish Water are around.

  8. AliG

    The only reason there is uproar about this is because it is the first austerity measure to hit the welfare layabouts and there is no provision to let them off or get the state to pay. Most people pay in USC many multiples what the water will cost per year. Its time those who have all day to protest made some sacrifice for the mistakes our elected representatives made. That is how democracy is supposed to work. Everyone gets a vote so everyone has to take the consequences.

    1. Sham Bob

      ‘Democracy means making sacrifices for the mistakes our public representatives made’? Right. And what if the current representatives allowed economic policy to be dictated by an external power rather than fulfill the mandate they were given?

      1. YourNan

        external power that has far more clout than anyone on this island, you should be thankful the decisions making process has been taken away from the local parrish circus.

  9. Davey T

    ”get your hands up in the air, hands up in thee air…… woop woop”

    Next she’ll be telling the Gaza solidarity protestors to do line dancing

  10. Louis Lefronde

    Ah, what the poster is suggesting is a lateral take on the Alinsky Tactics (Rules for Radicals).

    RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.

  11. Drogg

    Peaceful protests don’t work. If we don’t want them in our areas make sure them and the gardai are to afraid to come in. This standing around is a waste of time it’s time to smash in the windows of the irish water building riot at the gates of Leinster house and burn out any irish water vehicle that comes into your area we ether stand together and fight this properly or we stand quietly by and get screwed by yet another tax by this shameless government.

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