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Joan writes:

” [Further to] the ongoing vicious Twitter campaign against the McCanns a shout out please for Waterford-based Pulitzer-shortlisted investigative journalists Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan who have written and recently published [link below] the first truly sane book about the Madeleine McCann case. Anyone who has followed the story and is totally baffled will be less so by the end of it. Spoiler alert: the McCanns are innocent….”

Looking For Madeleine

15 thoughts on “Still Looking

  1. Ahjayzis

    You might want to qualify ‘innocent’ there.
    Guilty of child neglect/reckless endangerment, no?

    1. ahyeah

      I’m sure they’d be the first to admit that they made a mistake and a stupid decision – one that overwhelms them every time they open their eyes. Don’t really need us telling them that.

  2. Drabroad

    Ah here Lisa. I can tell you as someone who works all day with hardcore drug addicts and generally chaotic patients e.g crack cocaine/ crystal Meth and sex working +\- having a severe psychiatric illness that they most definitely would not have their children taken off them if they were working class,. Complete nonsense , it takes a huge amount before children get taken into care and even when they do it’s normally a temporary or interim care order. I’ve been to the children’s court so many times hoping one of my patients kids would be taken out of the chaos but it often doesn’t happen . I think one of the most awful parts of this story is that two people made an error of judgement which haunts them night and day for evermore and still the argument remains that somehow because they were middle class professionals they were getting an easier deal or there was a cover up. Desperately sad stuff and I challenge anyone in their 20s-30’s plus to say their parents had never tucked them up and snuck down to the bar in their local hotel etc whilst on holidays

    1. Lisa

      Actually I was referring to the case about ten years before the McCann one where a woman left her children in a room upstairs while she worked in the pub below. There was a minor fire and she was found out. All of her kids were taken off her including a baby she had after the fact. Can’t rem her name but they made a movie about her.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      The bar within the hotel, with a listening service, is very very different than 50 metres away on a different premises, out of sight, out of earshot and in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. They don’t need any more torment over this, I agree. But you can’t whitewash the fact that their liberal babysitting plan for their sleeping infants was not a protective one. Ask any parent of a toddler what their fears are when they hear a noise on their baby monitor……

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Hotels offer a listening service to parents if they want to visit the hotel bar or restaurant while their child / children sleep. It’s activated through the telephone to reception.

          1. Italia'90

            Thanks. I didn’t know about that.
            I’d still never leave my kids alone while I went out.
            Apart from the obvious, I would also be concerned that the kids might become distraught when they awoke and find themselves alone, without either parent or sitter to comfort and reassure them.

            I’m trying to keep an open mind about the the whole affair.
            I was in Praia da Rocha in October 2007, not long after the McCann tragedy.
            I saw one poster of Madeline, ONE poster!

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