13 thoughts on “How Do They Do It?

  1. dhaughton99

    Ah lads, are ye jelly?

    Sure didn’t ye get a shout out on the news at one over the water meter video today.

  2. Mark

    Amazing progress for such a short space of time. All Turkish followers too. Absolutely nothing to see here.

  3. Disasta

    Stick to what you do, it’s half decent. The more popular you get the more pr1cks there’ll be. At least now there’s only me and a few others.

  4. Mark

    Silly move going to the UK. Lad Bible so what they do but far less middle of the road. Yer either high end or low end in UK. Why Nuts/ZOO/FHM are screwed

  5. Rotter

    Not sure how the Brits will take to stories like ‘Conor McGregor clips his toe-nails like a boss” and ‘The Twitter reaction to Conor McGregor clipping his toe-nails’

  6. Vbomb

    Twitter doesn’t verify accounts with large number of fake followers. Which is why Aslan’s Twitter doesn’t have that blue tick mark but lesser known bands such as Róisín O’s does.

    Hard luck, Joe.

  7. Emily

    They do it by offering a highly sought after prize, asking users to RT and follow to enter, and spending around 20k promoting tweets.

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