The Cupcake Of Shame



Hello you.

Buzz writes:

“Oh yes the recession must be over.. Lolly And Cooks [Dublin cake chain] trying to charge me €1 per cupcake. Cheek…”

it does seem a bNOMNOMNOMNOM

UPDATE: Buzz writes: “You edited my tweet wrong. The cupcake cost €2.75 each. They were trying to charge me €1 for a tiny cardboard box to put it into.. instead of the free bag I didn’t want (I didn’t want them squashed, as i was buying 3 of them and was travelling. so kinda thought with it being a bakery an all, that they’d have a cakebox to put the 3 of them in to.. Person behind the counter looked at me like i was mad..).which would have put the total price at €11.75. MADNESS !! “

Meanwhile., in France

Eoin Carrigan writes:

“Good value at Charleroi Airport…”

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26 thoughts on “The Cupcake Of Shame

  1. Brainer

    Surprised you can even get one for a euro. You can barely get a choc bar for that these days. Shit post.

      1. Buzz

        Same here. When did everyone decide they were extras in Sex And The City and start calling them Cupcakes.

  2. Little John

    Silly silly carry on. It’s definitely the cheapest freshly baked cupcake/ferddyCake I’ve ever heard of. Maybe next time you’re so outraged at the price of a snob good, don’t buy it…

  3. buzzoneill

    no Folks, you edited my tweet wrong. The cupake cost 2.75. They were trying to charge my 1 euro for a tiny cardboard box to put it into.. instead of the free bag i didnt want.

    1. Brainer

      Now it’s a bloody cupake. Can’t keep up with this fancy bs.

      I’m off to finish my cold slumgullion.

    1. Fergus O'Leprosy

      And you call yourself ‘Buzz’ too…
      -What’s that about?
      Are you from a small town?
      Or do you have a funny haircut?

      You and your cupcake conundrum.

      Just say ‘No.’.

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