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Scenes from a protest in Ayrfield, Dublin 13 yesterday

An anonymous poster on the Dublin Says No Facebook page suggests:

“Hi there,

“Not entirely sure of the legalities of this idea so don’t want to post it publicly, plus dont’ want my name out there publicly yet. Perhaps one of you might know and ye will share this on your main page. Instead of the residents standing around (and being attacked by guards) why not have a spontaneous community coffee morning, all the garden tables out onto the road? A street fiesta! Then a game of road bowling, followed by some nostaligic games of kerbs, hopscotch, chalk drawing on the road. Get the kids involved and use it as an opportunity to teach them the old games and do some community bonding?! Get an almost party atmosphere going – should confuse the Irish Water lads and the guards somewhat! ‘Tis going to look bad for them coming down to break up a teddy bears’ picnic!”

“We need to be innovative in our demo approaches, the same old things dont work anymore. “The world is protesting at the moment, Hong Kong is out with umbrellas, let the Irish get dressed up in fancy dress (Halloween is coming) and have a party. Don’t just shout hands up, get the song going, possibly the music from a phone, ”get your hands up in the air, hands up in thee air…… woop woop”, the ravers will be out in force, heck spontaneous break dancing might occur.”

“Just a though, what dja all think? It seems the community is joining together, build on this – why not use it towards something positive? From negative, positive can come. Look towards Ferrybank, they have been having knitting and [having] dress-making classes out on the road, community lunches, etc., and it’s working – the community has bonded and grown more than any community development work could ever do. Many thanks and best of luck in the coming weeks.”


Dublin Says No

No, not playing hopscotch outside Grogan’s.

That’s what we did last night.

Eoin Carrigan writes:

Tonight sees Gymnasium, a one-off event being put on by the students of NCAD and Trinity. We advertised it by drawing hopscotches around the city (this one above was from Saturday). Toby Kaar and Lemonada are djing and it’s in the Button Factory and it has a fun filled German sports theme and a pair of Forbidden Fruit Tickets to be won.


Gymnasium (Facebook)

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