Mick McGrath.

You’ll like him.

Bob Coggins writes:

“Have a wee look at this and see what ya think – we made it here a few weeks ago about a lad who broke into the Leinster team after coming back from breaking his leg and almost giving up rugby 2 years ago. He made his debut earlier this season for Leinster Rugby”

Fair play in fairness.

No cash/favours/glucose fitness beverage given for this post.

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26 thoughts on “The Roysh Stuff

  1. illuminati16

    Jesus that bob coggins is some dose, took our booze off us on a rag trip in dit, only good thing dit had going and he had to meddle with it

  2. Advertising On Police Cars

    Another gym monkey that will have to retire in a year due to crippled ankle/knee/shoulder…a pity that Irish rugby has descended to this level.

  3. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Ah Jesus Broadsheet, another sporting thread ye got wrong
    D’ye ever get it right?

  4. Crank

    He might make a professional rugby player, but if he keeps leaving his geansais around the woods like that, he’ll catch his death.

  5. Mike Oxslong

    This lad couldn’t catch ebola with a one way ticket to West Africa and a free hugs t-shirt.

    Two very simple dropped passes IIRC.

  6. Reidman

    Maybe not good timing to post this in view of his performance Saturday, hope it’s onwards and upwards for him and the whole team from here

  7. Seanban

    He had a couple of slip ups on Saturday night, but the last couple of run outs at the RDS he was impressive, he has strength, speed, style and most importantly he’s not injured

  8. everybody

    Future ruler of what exactly? Some dude with too little talent and too much ambition and a beard. He should just go back to do sports coaching in WIT.

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