This Is How You Do That



One of a series of videos  shot by Strawberry Films for Independent TD Mick Wallace at a public meeting in Wexford in relation to water charges.

(H/T:  Skeptical O’Hare)

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12 thoughts on “This Is How You Do That

  1. Jack Aranda

    Jaysus, lads – Poorly shot and crashingly dull. Hardly the best advertisement for your other work.

  2. Wayne.F

    Hence why, Irish water won’t turn off your water in a private residence but reduce it to a trickle, compared in a commercial property where they will cut the flow.

    It was a simple fix to stopping court cases on the bases of human rights, as water would still be available but at reduced pressure

  3. Paul Davis

    They will charge to cut the pressure and charge to restore it, just like ESB, eircom, UPC, Bord Gais ect.

    People missing the point as usual.

    1. paul m

      they may well do so Paul but if you’re not paying for unmetered water in the first place its just another charge to an already growing unpaid bill so they’ll need to resort to bringing people to court. If enough people are refusing to pay their water bill, you could well be looking at thousands of cases being brought before the courts. this protest so far seems to have more mileage in it than the household tax (that revenue were empowered to enforce).

      good luck to the government enforcing this in the run up to an election year.

  4. Dudey

    “Access to water is a human right”. Its not is it?
    Its merely access to water at the end of the day.

  5. shitferbrains

    Mick: It’s paid for in our taxes.
    A.N.Other: Whose taxes would those be, Mick ?
    Mick: Yours.

  6. Anne

    Good man Mick.
    Someone who knows something useful in government.

    The threat of reducing your water to a trickle, can be undone, as I would have thought.
    And it’s no surprise to hear they might not be around for many more threats.

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