7 thoughts on “Picture Desk? Get Me Stella And a Melon

  1. ceo

    Yes, possible headline of the week I was thinking myself earlier and also commending the accompanying photos.

    “Bare-chested man threw cans of beer and a melon at staff in Irish Tesco branch, court told”

  2. Sam

    and the humour from the bench

    As the facts were set out to him, District Judge Peter King remarked: “A melon and cans of Stella, what a cocktail.”

  3. Dhaughton99

    That’s an independent.ie story alright.
    It’s either this kind of story,love/hate or kardashians.

  4. Murtles

    Surprised the didn’t put “Pic posed by model” under the melon. They’re usually great for disclaimers.
    “Not the actual melon. All melons appearing in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real melons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

  5. Dudey

    What sort of irresponsible arse**** uses tinnies to pelt Tesco staff, or anyone else for that matter?

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