Handsome scamp Dublin GAA star Bernard Brogan has been appointed President of the Federation of Irish Sport.

Brogan said at his appointment:

I am delighted to take up the challenge of being President of the Federation and look forward to working closely with the Federation and its members to further spread the message of the true value of sport to Ireland

Is he really suitable for this appointment?

Fair play though, in fairness.

Irish Sport

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17 thoughts on “Brogan’s Run

  1. Eoghany

    I would say he’s fairly well qualified for the job. It’s not like he merely owns a petrol station somewhere down the country.

  2. Wayne.F

    Amateur athlete like 90% of our athletes across all sports, understands the struggles, issues and realties facings Irish athletes day to day.

    The real shock is he is perfectly qualified for the role

    1. Declan

      He is also a Chartered Accountant so a blend of good looks, sporting prowess and fiscal awareness.. and lovely hair.

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