The Fan Span


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London’s newest movable footbridge, designed by Knight Architects and constructed by AKT Engineering spanning 20 metres of the Grand Union canal at Merchant Square on the waterfront development of Paddington Basin, opened to the public this month.

Five counterweighted steel beams of different height that open and close on hydraulic jacks.


12 thoughts on “The Fan Span

    1. Mr. T.

      That’s what stood out for me too.

      What would that be though. A jacks that lets off a massive hiss as it expels air? Sure that happens anyway.

      1. Mysterymeat

        That would be a pneumatic jacks surely? (Or maybe a poo-matic jacks). A hydraulic jacks would use a fluid like water to work. Oh wait…

  1. John Cassidy

    That was a really crappy video if it’s meant to be a promo for the architect. Cool bridge though.

  2. goingunderground

    I am not impressed by this.

    I believe it to be gimmick for the sake of gimmick.

    I like design but I believe clever design has function and practicality at its core. That is when I am really impressed.

    If I needed to cross a stretch of water, I would – as an alternative to using this bridge – remove my footwear, roll up my trews to knee level and wade across in the old fashioned way. That would be my own pesonal protest against this needless gimmick.

    Thank you all.

    1. goingunderground

      And another thing:

      It’s all fun and games until someone catches their fingers in it. That’s when the smirking ends.

  3. Custo

    I was hoping the video would show it opening and closing fully because those gifs were really annoying me by not finishing the job.

    Now I have to flick the lightswitch on/off 50 times.

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