Two Pages Two Drinks…One Shortlist



Olaf Tyarensen’s ‘Portrait’, part of a trilogy of short films has been shortlisted for the Ó Bhéal International Poetry-Film Award.

Portrait is a brief meditation on two of the biggest dangers facing a journalist with literary aspirations – alcohol and procrastination. It opens as he has just written the first two pages of a book that he hopes “will make her proud and them jealous.” It ends years later with him regretfully throwing them away, having never completed the work.

Winner to be announced on October 19.

Olaf Tyaransen film shortlisted for O’Bheal Award (Hot Press)

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12 thoughts on “Two Pages Two Drinks…One Shortlist

  1. ahherenow


    finish the buke Olaf, so you can be pictured at the launch wearing something black and tight fitting and I can take said pictures to my bunk.

  2. Maxi

    Good work Olaf. Now, please do something with all that talent of yours bar write for a terrible magazine no-one reads. Dont make this be a premonition

  3. Buzz

    I’d say scrambling about trying to make a living working for rags like de heddald and hot press has sucked him dry.

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