Who’s For A Porky Pie?



Irish Water’s Elizabeth Arnett

“All of the costs in terms of staff costs in Irish Water are included in the costs that have been approved by the Regulator. The structure whereby you would be holding back some of that salary and some of that wage and performance-linking, linking that to performance is the structure that we’re in and as I said that is government approved but I can certainly understand why people would get upset if they thought this was, you know, back to the bonus culture and I can assure it’s not…. I’m not telling porkies, I’m telling it as it is.”

Elizabeth Arnett, spokesperson for irish Water on RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke on Tuesday.

I”m Not Telling Porky Pies (Broadsheet, October 7)

Meanwhile, today…

“in a statement the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) said no staff bonus amounts were reviewed or approved by it.The CER said whether or not Irish Water paid bonuses was a matter for the utility company, rather than the regulator. It clarified that it reviews and sets the total level of costs that can be recovered by Irish Water across all its key activities.”

Regulator: We had no role in setting Irish Water ‘bonuses’ (Independent.ie)

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20 thoughts on “Who’s For A Porky Pie?

  1. serf

    Ah lads, read it again. There is no inconsistency between the statements. You’re looking for cracks to drive a political bus through. If you want to write an editorial piece against water charges, go ahead, don’t dress it up as fact-checking journalism.

    1. Paolo

      Agreed! She says that they have a total amount that they are allowed (by the CER) to recover from the public and they keep some of that back as bonuses. The CER says that they don’t know anything about bonuses but that they approved a total recoverable amount.

      There is no controversy here, no matter how much you try to find one.

  2. Bacchus

    A spokesperson for Irish Water would be fully aware that the Commission for Energy Regulation has nothing whatsoever to do with pay scales or any other remuneration in regard to Irish Water. It may well be approved by somebody in government somewhere but it’s never going to be the Commission for Energy Regulation. She would know that.

    1. serf

      And she said that, she said the regulator approved the overall costs and the government approved the pay for performance.

      1. Bacchus

        “All of the costs in terms of staff costs in Irish Water are included in the costs that have been approved by the Regulator” – staff costs are not approved by the energy regulator.

  3. Joxer

    hang on, she said the regulator approved those costs. the regulator said it didnt approve those costs. someone is telling a lie.

    As broadsheet usually has it


  4. Wayne Carr

    Ah the point between the making of the lie, and the time it becomes public knowledge, is now over. If it ever existed in the first place…

  5. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Does anyone know how much we have to pay?

    Shit sick of talk about what the ückers are paying themselves tbh

  6. DizzyDoris

    Has Irish Water finally conceded that competency based interviews are not so competent after all?

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