Stuck In Traffic?



Blame Brendan.

He’s the Michael Bay of wedding videos.

AF writes:

“This clown is holding up school pick-up traffic from Finglas to Glasnevin while videoing an open-top wedding car with two beige stretch limos in tow…”

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58 thoughts on “Stuck In Traffic?

  1. Jdawg

    School pick up traffic makes my life hell. Is there an address on the van so I can send him a thank you note.
    God forbid the school pick up traffic be delayed.

    1. Loony Loo

      Well, done to the employed folks who replied.

      No one cars about the school crowd, its the rest of us in traffic working to pay taxes that are made late by the numpty in a van.

  2. Chris

    School pick up traffic; first world problems. Also your children aren’t darlings they’re a scourge and a coddled one at that. We’ve lost our religion and beliefs so we worship ourselves now via our own spawn. Cosseted demons being transported in military grade vehicles to play(no running aloud) in padded schools and playgrounds, represents everything that is wrong with the world. But of course it’s the professional photographer who’s everything wrong with the world in your eyes, unless of course he was videoing your kids, in which case you’d willingly bludgeon anyone standing in the way. (end of rant).

      1. bob

        I’m glad you corrected yourself there :-) Nothing takes away the power of a rant more than poor grammar.
        (I’ll be taking it with the pinch of salt I hope is intended)

    1. ahjayzis

      Rather cossetted demon kids than victims of clerical rape.

      Padded schools still better than industrial ones.

      Playgrounds beat mass graves.

      Last paragraph is good though ;)

      1. 3stella

        No such luck when we had to row down the strand to school on a Hovis bread board during the 54 floods!

  3. Ferret McGruber

    I’ve met your man. He’ll do the video and the photos and play the bagpipes and do the disco for your wedding all at the same time. What a guy!

  4. Reegore

    Bravo Brendan. I think we can all let them have their moment in the sun. I’m sure you can happily revert to the mundane school pick-up routine on Monday.

    Also, school books are not getting heavier. They will not be kidnapped or run-over if the poor wee divils are sent out on foot or bike.

  5. Davey T

    Mommy will be late for her laughter yoga appointment! The au pair will be wondering where we are at all, and might be running up a phone bill at home without mommys supervision

    1. Dhaughton99

      Sean o rourke sent a reporter to Tallaght and templogue for a voxpop on the by-election. Issues affecting the voters piece. In Tallaght, it was homelessness, water and housing were the complaints. In templogue, it was foxes in gardens and not be able to get off the roundabout because of school traffic.

  6. Jdawg

    This post seriously annoys me for some reason.

    First, so what if there is a slight delay because somebody wanted their wedding filmed.

    Secondly, school pick up traffic causes unending bad parking, illegal parking, and huge amounts of chaos. Is school pick up traffic more important? I would bet you think it does.

    Thirdly, why is he a clown?

    Why highlight that there are 2 limos, and beige? What’s the problem here?

    A total get over yourself post. I could spend the rest of my life taking pictures of “clowns” slowing down traffic.

    Ugh. Had to vent.

  7. Mr. T.

    I walked or cycled to school back when there were Paedos we didn’t know about. Now everyone gets driven to school when there’s Paedos we do know about.

    Kids need that bit of freedom to make their way to and from school. Some parents are far too precious. They’ll raise adult babies afraid of their own shadows.

    1. Pod

      Two you have children? And do you have any evidence to support your are driven to school for many reasons.For starters 4 and five year olds cannot cycle to school on their own.

  8. Anne

    Could have been worse. Could have been a funeral.
    A knacker one even. He wouldn’t be taking no pics then.

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